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Thus, the "scalpel slave" is a necessary corollary of a system whose structure is its own interminability.
Like Freud, Kristeva does not think that analysis is terminable; unlike Freud, however, she reverses the interminability of analysis into a virtue: no longer inexorable but open, this interminability will continue to inspire the analysand in his subsequent quest to bond with others.
Moreover, if we define experiment as the scientific means of arriving at final answers, Droysen's phrase "research and nothing but research" in historiography points to a special kind of interminability.
It is precisely the interminability of his mourning of the dead that makes an encrypted poetry of return, and a concomitant promise of 'spiritual community', possible after all, 'o'er and o'er'.
And so from their rapture emerges our sense of the ludicrousness of golf; the interminability of cricket; the moral collapse represented by computer games; the sexual exhibitionism of other people dancing with each other; the apparent threat offered to the social fabric by a drum sounding in procession down the High Street; the danger to one's dignity of a Robin Hood or abbot of unreason; the blasphemy of bagpipes played on Sunday afternoons for people who do not want to go to church twice on that day; and finally, if one is honest, that rapture evokes the pain of exclusion from the group of people who are enjoying themselves, a pain which recalls childhood memories of not being invited to join a game or awakens fears of the exclusions which one has created for oneself in adult life.
The reason why scepticism and relativism are nevertheless misconceptions, even in their more sophisticated forms, is that they misconstrue the peculiar interminability of philosophy.
I would like to suggest another reading of this incident as a means of demonstrating Freud's own insight into the interminability of analysis, self- or otherwise.
Thus, in order to control the proliferation of the "system of marks," Calhoun must come to understand the discursive double mark, its interminability, and ultimately the creative power that it affords him.
The ambiguous status of unborn human life contributes to the interminability of the debate about the morality of abortion.
What I have been trying to produce in my reading of Gilles is quite another Drieu: a writer committed to an insight into the interminability of the decadence that he laments.
But the prospect of perpetual change provokes a contradictory response in the protagonist, who oscillates between "supreme bliss and extreme horror" (20), bliss at the prospect of marvelous multiplicity, horror at the interminability of desire.
Freud, after detailing how the subject is interminably caught up in a repetition-compulsion for a fixated "I"-position that it continually dismantles, terminates the interminability by occupying the fixed position of the Doctor: "'Man' is told that he 'must be [a] patient [