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Through an analysis that is somewhat reminiscent of the New Critics, Durao reads 'The Wood-Pile' as an allegory of the interminability of the poet's own artistic efforts to fashion a coherent poetical self.
A carpet like the one on display at Pinksummer was also shown at the Villa Croce, but in this case the phrase written on it was the same y), as the show's title: MI GIOCO FINO IN FONDO MA IL FONDO NON HA FINE (I bet until the end but the bottom has no end), a sort of untrans-latable pun that evokes the interminability of the artist's search.
But the prospect of perpetual change provokes a contradictory response in the protagonist, who oscillates between "supreme bliss and extreme horror" (20), bliss at the prospect of marvelous multiplicity, horror at the interminability of desire.
102) Her emphasis on the interminability of the political meetings suggests that life in the commune was not narrowly political; instead, the spirituality of the commune's space and culture seemed to create unique community bonds.
It is precisely the open-endedness of that interminability, however, that registers the impossible future from which Derrida's specter of Marx calls us.