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And too many have heard too often that their "call is very important to us" while they wait what seems interminably on the line.
After interminably lengthy and ultimately unsatisfactory negotiations with the Buildings Department, the developer brought an Article 78 action to overturn the City's administrative determination.
She is seen through the lens of Philippe Gascon (Charles Berling), then interminably through the probing, documentary lens of Bruce Taylor (Robert Lepage).
though evening sieved, interminably, through the trees.
In the morning five of us searched for the bull, looking for sign, walking quadrants, checking low areas, poking in thick brush, going from water to water, walking interminably.
Disappointingly, the central pas de deux at the heart of each ballet lacks transcendence; the White Swan pas de deux spoils Tchaikovsky's glorious music by having both leading dancers roll about interminably on the ground.
The process of selecting a site dragged on interminably.
Slobodeniuk's calm, assured direction secured a resonant, invigorating reading of A Fantasy Trip to the Faroes, with the courage and trust to hold on interminably to the final, low clarinet note.
Corbett's trademark became his sit-down monologue, where he went off at interminably convoluted tangents before finally delivering the gag's long awaited punchline.
Passengers have been complaining that no information on cancellation of flights or facilities were provided as they waited interminably at airports hoping for a relief.
According to the report, a documentary to be aired soon will reveal how a pact to publish the contents of more than 75,000 leaked US cables in a deal between The Guardian, The New York Times and Germany's Der Spiegel went interminably sour leading to bitter fallouts with all three newspapers.
I am sorry readers but You Again is so interminably bad that I need to lie down in a darkened room again to recover from the horror of it.