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HAVANA, CUBA - As Jesus ``Chucho'' Valdes enters the Casa del Musica club in Miramar, a section of outer Havana where Cuba's nouveau riche intermingle with foreign dignitaries.
And then why not use the other half to mediate between white and black--not just to mediate but to show the transition between them by having them intermingle, in such a way as to leave no doubt that the white had been the ground, the black the additive?
The two communities formalized their relations through such rituals as the annual Christmas party, where the two could intermingle in both religious and social space.
In a dazzling display of Perslow's mastery of park design and geometry, light, shade, glass, and water intermingle in a life-affirming rhapsody, imbuing the ground-level memorial with a subtle, yet moving, quality of spiritual regeneration.
Set on a space station on the edge of the galaxy - so no one was ``boldly'' venturing anywhere - the series is about a sort of outer-space Casablanca, where all kinds of species intermingle and squabble and politics are tangled, both internally and among the great powers.
He wants the viewer to be able to intermingle his or her understanding of the picture elements.
Laboratory challenged this notion and presented theoretical arguments suggesting that quark and nuclear matter can intermingle and coexist in equilibrium.
Built on the site of the former Abraham Lincoln Elementary School, which closed in 1979, the library and park are meant to intermingle, Flad said.
Individual cultures intermingle, combine, develop in parallel, but one thing connects all of them: the breathtaking speed of technological progress in communication.
The dancers intermingle three sorts of movement--ballet (their daily work), mundane behavior (walking or waiting, which gets them from one dance set to the next), and, on occasion, expressive response to personal interactions (some of these are the only things that don't ring true).
Members of the club more or less agree that black and white students intermingle without problems at Valencia High.
Wild chimpanzees seldom bunch together in a large congregation, preferring to intermingle in a number of smaller groups as they make their way through the jungle.