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They hope to use this earlier research to support the COHH program and create a more complete base of knowledge of the still largely unstudied realm where human health and marine life intermingle.
Locus and platea continue to intersect and intermingle.
Through a foyer, fully enveloped in glass and acting as a transparent hub, these diverse activities intermingle. The multi-purpose hall, with its kosher catering kitchen, can form a single fluid space with the foyer by the simple removal of a partition w all.
Reliaty Backup is the only data protection software to reduce media costs in a heterogeneous environment by offering the ability to intermingle data from different platforms on a single tape.
"We get the chance to intermingle with the local national community and experience local culture.
Director Kim Seung-Mi does not then have her cast of characters vote each other off, but rather choreographs a ritualistic metadrama (in which the real universe and theatre intermingle) in an effort to alleviate the mourning.
The First and Third Worlds freely intermingle within societies around the world that allow stark inequities in wealth, privilege, and opportunity to persist.
Invariably, if the information creator is writing from his own perspective, information types intermingle; what should be done is fused with facts that connect to why things are the way they are.
The CITs also had the opportunity to witness the counselors from both programs (as well as Blue Mountain) intermingle on a purely social level.
For example, by orienting and vibrating material from side to side in the mold cavity, Rheomolding reportedly forces the flow fronts to intermingle at the molecular level, eliminating knit lines.
Different strains of bacteria could be crossed in such a way as to make the genetic material intermingle. It was therefore possible for organisms even as simple as bacteria to engage, on occasion, in what is essentially sexual reproduction.
This Sincro Multipla Airjet model foresees the application of an electronic motorised unwinding device necessary to unwind an elastomeric yarn with a perfect and regular draw ratio and to intermingle it through air with a textured yarn.