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But at other times doubt and alarm intermingled with his hopes; and when he thought of her acknowledged disinclination for privacy and retirement, her decided preference of a London life, what could he expect but a determined rejection?
My head grovelled in the ashes of an extinguished fire, while my feet reposed upon the wreck of a small table, overthrown, and amid the fragments of a miscellaneous dessert, intermingled with a newspaper, some broken glass and shattered bottles, and an empty jug of the Schiedam Kirschenwasser.
In this process, the yarn is intermingled using a jet of air through a nozzle.
A Bilawal House Media Cell statement said that Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari intermingled with the visitors and many among them clicked selfies with the PPP Chairman.
The Leaving of Liverpool "THE city looks beautiful tonight, doesn't it?" A Saturday night in October but not the Slightest bit cold A nil-nil draw with Man U earlier in the day And the city was sparkling The people of Liverpool were out in force They were aware, full of heart and sharp In wit and thought There were a million Irish bars along the way Intermingled with Mexican, Spanish, Italian, English and Cosmopolitans to be swigged I walked, observed and nearly cried at How beautiful Liverpool looked that night So many smiles, so much understanding And such pride Bars pumped out tunes Tourists and Scousers mixed without an angry word I might be a woolyback by birth But my God, how I love Liverpool - The people and how they never give up!
Tell your grandchildren that you used to stand on the terraces intermingled with the away supporters, singing and booing in unison, well the kids would look at you in disbelief.
Aseefa Bhutto Zardari was hailed by the visiting children and their families in Zoo and intermingled with them exchanging pleasantries with the children who were amazed to see youngest daughter of Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto among them.
The protagonists call a permanent truce, agree to meet at Central Station before the match and march intermingled with no chanting and carrying banners of the murdered supporters.
Al-Watan said that the friendly Pakistani people have been present in the Gulf, intermingled with the region's communities and become partners in the development process in the Gulf countries, including Bahrain.
NNA - French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said Monday that the process of disarmament of militias in the Central African Republic, which the French troops began today, "is not an easy task." He added in an interview with France Inter that the intricacy lay in the fact that those militants have intermingled with the civilian population in the Republic of Central Africa and it was difficult to determine the identity of individuals.
IN THE 1910S AND '20S, Georgia was a nexus of cultural exchange, where diverse strains of modernism intermingled and produced singular forms--an efflorescence checked by the enforced hegemony of socialist realism.
For the flow shop, Potts and Baker [20] used a simple two-machine numerical example to show that, in the intermingled case, an optimal solution generally cannot be found when the sequencing approach and the splitting approach are used independently.