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As one can well imagine, this is a very delicate process where both the feed tension and the quantity of yarn entering the jet must be perfectly controlled so as to guarantee a homogeneous result of the intermingling points and of their strength.
We have realised that once people are on the grounds they actually like this intermingling, that is why we created a food alley where people can really intermingle.
This intermingling of species has been linked to a spread in avian influenza.
The clones, part of another experiment, had no intermingling of males and females.
There's beauty in the way bodies have been architecturally arranged in intermingling duets, trios, and mix-and-match groupings, especially in husband-and-wife choreographic team Li Han-Zhong and Ma Bo's All River Red.
Thus the intermingling of meaty abstracted landscapes from the late '60s with fluidly washed "door" paintings from the '70s, and later works characterized by a quasi-photographic mark-making technique, was itself a statement about the act of looking at a painting within a matrix of biographical, developmental, and broad cultural connections.
Polly Horvath has a unique style, intermingling the grotesque and the absurd with the poignant.
The key to success in the company's mixers is said to be the unique action created by the movement of the mixing elements that produces intense but gentle intermingling of the materials of the mix in a mechanically fluidized bed.
Which is not to mention his impressive breadth of knowledge: Svenonius is as well-versed in American history and contemporary politics as he is in rock music, and his seamless intermingling of the two is nothing short of fascinating.
First responders have experienced interference to their radio systems due to the intermingling of commercial and public-safety channels in the 800 MHz band.
95), editors Toni Frohoff and Brenda Peterson explore the kinship and tragedy of the ongoing intermingling of the two species.