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Score Global Mood Phase1 Phase2 Phase3 Score (Pre- (Threat) (Impact) Threat) 1 Sleeping, playing or attentive to surround 2 Unhappy, anxious or worries without crying 3 Marked unhappiness, whining, whimpering or quiet crying 4 Moderate or intermitted crying, still capable of attention 5 Uncontrolled crying or screaming, no contact possible Table 2: Frequency distribution of a study population of Jordanian children according to GMS in the different phases of an assessment of anxiety during general anaesthesia for dental care.
However, the companies we contracted do not make a pad that allows the wipers to be used on intermitted cycle.
PC-1 of the project was intermitted on April 4, 1990.
The proposed projects involve the rehabilitation, reconstruction and upgrading of damaged paved national roads including drainage based on Pavement Management System/Highway Development and Management-4 (HDM-4) Intermitted Section, Sayre Highway in Upper Puerto.
Certain it is, to our mind, that the popular commencement and introduction of the habit of daily swimming, which, in four-fifths of the United States, need hardly be intermitted more than from three to four months in the year, would not only be great reform in itself, but would carry with it, and cause to rise out of it, many of the other practices that complete the human form, and make it what it ought in general to be, large, clean, beautiful, and long-lived--instead of that being the marked exception, as at present.
The heating is characterized by two radiation phases intermitted by a relaxation phase.
Lebanese Army troops positioned at road intersection, behind sand-bagged roadblocks and fortified locations prevented civilians from approaching alleways and roads under intermitted sniper fire and staged patrols near the hot spots.
An intermitted heating influence on the building reheating time and design heat load.
For 10/0, the spinning process is randomly intermitted with audible spark, which is triggered by high electric field strength.