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Paris Opera Ballet 3 DVD Box Set Le Parc/Signes/Proust ou les intermittence du coeur
"It is not because other people are dead that our affection for them fades; it is because we ourselves are dying." This mercurial quality of human nature nearly induced Proust to call his novel by a title that now belongs to just one section: "The Intermittences of the Heart."
The sentimental component of his story, the intermittences of the heart as it grows, are telling, or can be, depending on the teller.
Baseball made me understand what patriotism was about, at its best." And here, touching all the bases: "Baseball, with its lore and legends, its cultural power, its seasonal associations, its native authenticity, its simple rules and transparent strategies, its longeurs [sic] and thrills, its spaciousness, its suspensefulness, its peculiarly hypnotic tedium, its heroics, its nuances, its lingo, its "characters," its language, and its mythic sense of life, was the literature of my boyhood." (34) Author John Updike observed that "baseball, with its graceful intermittences of action, its immense and tranquil field sparsely settled with poised men in white, its dispassionate mathematics, seems to me best suited to accommodate, and to be ornamented by, a loner.
In some brief Beckettian "Intermittences of sullemn fulminance," Conley wallows in his own polymorphously perverse post-structuralist and Derridean auto-experimental gaming instinct and claims that his unedited (but authorized) text "is both the subject and the analyst" (95).
The Malone Dies chaptermakes much of Beckett's (deliberate?)misreading of 'Les intermittences du coeur' in the Proust book, and deals very successfully with such topics as play, authorial indifference, and 'the dispossession of story-telling as a botched or partial birth' (p.
La sincerite comme le coeur a ses intermittences et ses mysteres.
cit., 11: "Si la maniere courante de lire Montaigne nous rend le service de purger son livre de son desordre et de ses intermittences, c'est en faisant bon marche de la majorite des mots dont il est compose et en sacrifiant du coup ce que son ecriture manifeste de plus individuel et de plus distinctif.