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The birds maintained under intermittent feeding or feed withdrawal system, in general, ga ined significantly (P less than 0.
If there are patients who are at very high cardiac risk, significantly overweight, or have significant issues with metabolic syndrome, intermittent therapy might be a consideration," he adds.
The cyclists replaced approximately 15% of moderate intensity endurance training with high-intensity intermittent training, completing six interval sessions during the course of the study.
Those randomized to the intermittent therapy arm had their treatment suspended until their PSA rose to a predetermined level, at which time they started another seven-month course of androgen-deprivation therapy, cycling on and off therapy in this way as long as their PSA levels continued to respond appropriately during the "on" cycle.
The current study was conducted to determine whether a daily low-dose regimen would be superior to an intermittent dose in young children with positive values on the modified API, as well as recurrent wheezing, at least one exacerbation in the previous year, and low impairment defined by infrequent use of albuterol and infrequent night awakenings between episodes, they said.
To avoid this, intermittent light will help to abate this problem, as bird will remain quiet and calm during dark hours of light regimen.
8 years with intermittent androgen suppression, although a stratified log-rank analysis favored the intermittent arm (P = .
The maximum cystometric capacities and the filling times observed during continuous and intermittent filling were compared by the Wilcoxon signed rank test.
Both intermittent hypoxia and continuous hypoxia exposed mice exhibited impaired glucose tolerance, but only the intermittent hypoxia exposed animals demonstrated a reduction in insulin sensitivity," said Euhan John Lee, M.
The findings from Chou and colleagues add to growing literature highlighting the importance of the specific role of SDB-related intermittent hypoxia in lipid metabolism.
Keywords: Experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, Intermittent feeding, Mice, Multiple sclerosis