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PAN can be a life-threatening vasculitis that may uncommonly present with rapidly progressive intermittent claudication. Early diagnosis with biopsy from a diseased artery and angiography may be useful in diagnosis since a delay of the correct diagnosis could be fatal.
Montgomery, "The effect of metabolic syndrome components on exercise performance in patients with intermittent claudication," Journal of Vascular Surgery, vol.
(3.) Notice of Retraction: Potential vascular mechanisms of ramipril induced increases in walking ability in patients with intermittent claudication. Circ Res.
In their study, forty three patients with 774 segments in patients with intermittent claudication and leg pain diagnosed as mild peripheral arterial disease had undergone Doppler USG followed by MDCT angiography of lower limbs.
* The report provides a snapshot of the global therapeutic landscape of Intermittent Claudication
* Asymptomatic PAD and intermittent claudication are strongly associated with severe cerebrovascular complications and a significant mortality rate.
If we do not restrict ourselves to differentiation of the causes of intermittent claudication, there have been a number of studies concerning the analysis of intermittent claudication and the classification of gait patterns.
long distance walking, jogging and cycling while the subjects with PAD had the problem of intermittent claudication and hence they were reluctant to go for physical activity.
Many people don't experience any leg muscle discomfort or intermittent claudication until the artery is blocked or occluded by 60 percent or more.
OBJECTIVE: The beneficial effect of the natural compound propionyl-l-carnitine (PLC) on intermittent claudication in patients with peripheral arterial disease is attributed to its anaplerotic function in ischemic tissues, but inadequate information is available concerning action on the vasculature.
Specifically, they address animal physiology and circadian photoresponses, complications in high caloric diet-fed rats, young wild-type mice and serotonin-related variables, the neurogenesis of peripuberal and adult rabbits, monkeys and taste development, intermittent claudication in canines, the body mechanics of moving cats, wound repair in horses, genetic factors of scrotal hernia in commercial pigs, the acute heat stress effect on milk serotonin of cows, insect physiology and detection of moving targets, honey bee queen physiology and insemination, high heat effect on city ants, hemolymph flow in grasshoppers' hearts, and sexual maturity and swimming in male silver eels.

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