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If your employee has worked for you long enough to be eligible, he may take up to 12 weeks of family leave when his wife has a qualifying condition, and this type of leave may be taken intermittently.
The mass prolapsed intermittently above and below the glottis, alternately obscuring and compressing the right true vocal fold.
While the period during which Sanchez was interviewed intermittently by the inquisitors (1553-1558) serves as the narrative's frame, Nalle seamlessly weaves in earlier moments in the wool carder's life and the history of his town, Cardenete.
The law of gravity is suspended or at least operates intermittently, and the rules are a mixture of 16th Century court tennis and Mayan lacrosse.
It wasn't until the early 1980s, years after her heyday on the pop scene (although her music perennially, if intermittently, continued to flower), that Nyro became romantically involved with a woman.
Intermittently, the discussion encourages developing a subjective ethic based on personal values and virtues, and promotes truth to this ethic as a means of resolving design dilemmas.
Because the combat zone itself is in the rural northern and eastern areas, those who live in Colombo, the capital, only experience indirect effects of the battles that rage intermittently: the military transport planes and fighter bombers passing overhead; and the wailing of ambulances as the dead and dying are flown in from the front and conveyed to the hospitals.
To date, JusticeFiles and its predecessors have battled with a private collections agency, with state representatives who voted to fund the Seattle Mariners' baseball stadium, with jittery network hosts, with angry pro-privacy hackers (the site was only intermittently available during the writing of this story), and with scores of police departments who refusedor tried to refuse-his requests for public disclosure of information.
All three models are rated for operation at 4000 psi continuously, 4350 psi intermittently, and 4750 psi peak.
In this way, the APN often ends up "filling in" for physicians who are on-site only intermittently.
Under certain circumstances, leave may be taken intermittently or on a "reduced leave schedule."
Information like this makes Big Sugar intermittently gripping, but overall, Wilkinson's book is difficult to get through.