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Over the general's chair, which was a relic from the home of Washington, there was an arch of verdant boughs, with the laurel profusely intermixed, and surmounted by his country's banner, beneath which he had won his victories.
Nor must it be forgotten that New York is a large town, and that in all large towns a vast amount of good and evil is intermixed and jumbled up together.
BAHAWALPUR -- Chief Minister Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar intermixed with the people and stall owners during his visit to Ramazan Bazaars in Bahawalpur, Rahim Yar Khan and Sadiqabad on Tuesday.
Laura has ferns tucked in here and there, big pots of red geraniums, Stellas and large phlox intermixed. Curving around the side of the garage, is another small area of plantings, that make a charming view when exiting her garage.
I am sure this will apply to the uniforms that their staff will wear - it will of course ensure that there will be no separation in the clothing layouts in their stores, underwear, for example, where both the main genders will be intermixed.
Instead, allow seedpods to develop on the stem for a striking silhouette, especially when intermixed with fall-blooming grasses.
Combining left-justified document feeding, intermixed document scanning (including checks), and the most powerful intelligent capture software available on a desktop scanner, the ImageTracDS 1085, 1155 and 1210 deliver an unmatched total cost of ownership for mid to high-volume capture solutions while extending the exceptional throughput and image quality that are hallmarks of all ibml scanners.
For example, intermixed exposure to similar stimuli (AX, BX, AX, BX ...; where A and B are the unique features of the stimuli, and X the common elements) facilitates subsequent discrimination to a greater extent than equivalent exposure in separate blocks of trials (a block of AX trials followed by a block of BX trials) (e.g., Artigas, Sansa, & Prados, 2006; Dwyer, Hodder, & Honey, 2004; Honey, Bateson, & Horn, 1994; Lavis & Mitchell, 2006; Prados, Artigas, & Sansa, 2007; Symonds & Hall, 1995).
Intermixed into the anecdotes about the rich and the famous, he offers tips on everything from how to read a table and communicate discreetly, to buying fancy cheese in a village in the Bahamas.
Intermixed are selections of video that show the beauty of planet Earth (home) as seen from the space station and scenes of astronauts and cosmonauts performing science and day-to-day activities.
This new genus is distinguished by the combination of the apically thickened antennal segments (narrow at base and gradually thickening toward apex); the pronotum narrowed at the middle and flared at the humeral angles; the hemelytra constricted at the bases near the level with the apex of the scutellum; the thickly set, silvery and golden scalelike setae on the clavus, the basal two thirds of the corium, and along the basal edge of the costa, sparsely intermixed with long, erect, bristlelike setae; the sexual dimorphism (males macropterous, females submacropterous); and the male genitalia with a simple and apically rounded phallotheca and an L-shaped left paramere.
The coelomic cavity contained fibrinous fluid intermixed with hundreds of nematodes, some of which protruded through a perforation in the proventriculus.