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This eerie intermixture that is both instrumental and indicative of the re-invocation of the past in the present also reiterates Deleuze's persistent claims of the past being a 'coexisting totality' alongside the present: "[.
His rationale was, of course, racial intermixture among the Indians,'' Brown wrote, adding that the ''antiquated and now repealed'' tribal law was an attempt to protect Indian identity.
It could operate as a permanent colonial outpost within the United States, thus calming anxieties about racial intermixture, Clark asserts.
Catalyst formed on metal supports will significantly reduce this problem; however it has to ensure efficient gas flow intermixture inside the whole volume of the reaction tube.
The intermixture of technical and relational, humanistic language systems in graduate programs leaves counselors-in-training confused about the factors that actually promote client change (Hansen, 2003).
This friendly approach to generating and sharing knowledge can act as a protection against those who see knowledge in purely utilitarian terms by helping us to appreciate the intermixture of friendship and scholarship.
In their move towards transculturation, writers such as Cola Debrot and Frank Martinus Arion from Curacao, and Albert Helman from Suriname actively promoted the creole languages in their poems, essays and novels, while also providing detailed portraits of the racial and social intermixture and ongoing tensions in these countries.
Jag-annatha Raja, in which he discusses the emergence of various languages and the intermixture of cultures that they represent, mingling together like "milk and water," blending linguistic elements, histories, and cultural practices.
We can modify Laruelle's definition and say this: for Buddhism, decision, in its cognitive dimension, consists in the positing of a dyad (and countless ensuing sub-dichotomies) that serves to split reality in an attempt to comprehend reality, together with a unifying structure that grounds the dyad transcendentally and, simultaneously, by virtue of the necessary intermixture, partakes of immanence.
Burroughs has gained respectability in the American literary academy in large part through his work's anticipation of various concepts in poststructuralist thought, and his emphasis on cultural intermixture can even be said to anticipate postcolonial notions of hybridity.
Hearts of Pine centers on three in-depth case studies, amid which Pilzer interpolates discussion of twentieth-century Korean music, cultural customs, and the intermixture of Japanese and Korean practices that lingered as Korea sought to carve out a postcolonial national identity.