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HIPE consisting of 75 vol% internal phase and 25 vol% continuous phase was used for polyHIPE preparation.
A high internal phase emulsion (HIPE) is defined as an emulsion in which the dispersed phase occupies more than 74% of the volume, the maximum packing fraction of monodispersed spheres.
The fibers display an internal phase morphology that is evidently controlled by rapid phase separation and rapid solidification.
The newer elastomer systems also give the advantage of stearic hindrance and can be used to build very large (95%) internal phase systems.
It produces W/O emulsions that are stabilized by single emulsifier system, have low emulsifier concentration (as low as 1%), have excellent high temperature stability, very high internal phase volume (90%) and fine emulsion droplet size (0.
an internal phase detector that enables accurate measurements of PLL bandwidth, jitter transfer and jitter/phase noise spectrum.
Also new from Dow Corning are six high internal phase emulsions.
The product features a high internal phase technology that deposits petrolatum on the skin without getting washed away.