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It is emphasized that gradual internalisation not only pertains to appropriation of local operators' financial assets, but also to their non-financial assets in relation to user rights, customer relations, and value added activities.
Keywords: Internalisation * Multinational enterprises * Management
In summary, the current study extends previous research by simultaneously measuring media consumption patterns, awareness and internalisation of sociocultural ideals and body perception, along with individual differences in social comparison.
Awareness and Internalisation of Sociocultural Ideals: The Sociocultural Attitudes towards Appearance Questionnaire (SATAQ; Heinberg, Thompson & Stormer, 1995) was used to measure awareness and internalisation of cultural pressures regarding appearance, particularly the thin ideal.
The authors count Dunning (1977) as one of the internalisation theorists -- along with Buckley and Casson (1976).
Colony American Homes will merge with and into a subsidiary of the company, while the internalisation of its management will be through the acquisition of SWAY Management LLC in exchange for the issue of 6.
According to the researchers, the increased propensity for internalisation in the light may be due to several factors.
The internalisation of costs not borne by transport users is a highly conflictual issue, which had divided the Council of Ministers, the European Parliament and the Commission at the time of the adoption of the Eurovignette Directive.
In brief, since the degree of control or internalisation is supposed to be function of the degree of resource commitment, the internationalisation process from low- to high-resource commitment modes is directly related to the 'internalisation direction' from low- to high-control modes.
As the internalisation theory of the multinational firm plays a central role in international business theory it is worth examining its premises on the role of management.
The Internalisation of Environmental Capital in a Keynesian Model of Income Determination: Revised Approaches to Public Policy