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As the internalisation theory of the multinational firm plays a central role in international business theory it is worth examining its premises on the role of management.
In order to appreciate the bearing of the internalisation approach on management decision making, it is essential to keep in mind the premises of the approach's purview.
Management judgement on the scope of functional separation in international capital markets is like any other internalisation decision, a question of betting on beating the market outcome.
The internalisation approach is not identical to a view of the multinational enterprise which is always and everywhere market-perfecting.
First, managers make internalisation decisions which determine the scale and scope of the firm.
In this context, internalisation is a strategic weapon.
It is emphasized that gradual internalisation not only pertains to appropriation of local operators' financial assets, but also to their non-financial assets in relation to user rights, customer relations, and value added activities.
Keywords: Internalisation * Multinational enterprises * Management
2) dynamic drivers of internalisation are outlined.
What are the drivers that over time gradually build pressure for internalisation as the activities in the foreign country unfold, and therefore suggest that effectuation of internalisation should be gradual as well?
In this article we have applied a process view to the internalisation actions of MNEs and explored management issues in relation to this process.
Our article has focused on how the internalisation could be prepared and exercised when local, independent operators in the foreign market (intermediaries, licensees, franchisees and the like) are used as temporary entry modes.