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Internalization may lead to carriage and persistence of streptococci and/or to invasion of deeper tissues, depending on virulence of the invading bacterium and the site of infection.
In particular, the BMI index and internalization of thin ideals are two significant factors that influence body dissatisfaction and drive for thinness.
This study assesses the Home Economics teachers' value internalization and commitment to implementation of National Junior Secondary School Home Economics Curriculum (NJSSHEC).
This self-report measure assesses attitudes associated with the Pre-Encounter, Encounter, Immersion/Emersion, and Internalization stages of the Nigrescence model.
But Liu also admitted the internalization of the yuan is not an easy job.
Ideals for thinness refer both to an individual's awareness of sociocultural pressures to fit a thin prototype and to the internalization of the thinness beauty standard (Cusumano & Thompson, 1997).
We predict that later generations enhance the positive effect of social capital, reduce the influence of affective commitment, and ease the negative impact of conflicts on knowledge internalization and thus on PD.
According to the socio-cultural body image model (9), body dissatisfaction establishes a relationship between body image internalization and restrictive eating.
These patterns suggest both that it is the psychological experience of religion that matters for well-being-happy and unhappy believers share the same pews-not the mere exposure to religion per se, and that the internalization of practices that bring one either closer to God or closer to greed are in direct conflict (Matt.
In the present study, we assume that internalization of thinness norms could be a pathway through which personality traits affect self-regulation of eating attitudes.
Keywords Internalization advantages * MNC knowledge inflows * Subsidiary importance * Subsidiary local experience
assistance in the development of regional economic development strategy, innovation and internalization (srdeii).