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Qualitative studies have found that Asian Americans are more likely to internalize stereotypes if they perceive the stereotypes to accurately characterize themselves, their families, and their Asian peers and communities (Shen, Ortiz, et al.
The T-lymphocytes, similarly exposed, failed to internalize either the C particulates or the C/Fe particulates and subsequently showed no ultrastructural lesions.
Possibly, because of the WEEE Directive, prices will increase because companies are going to have to internalize the cost of recycling," Bowman says.
As long as we perpetuate the idea that as women age, they lose value, we internalize the hatred of women so rife in our society.
Factor analysis reveals that BPI items can be represented as two subscales, measuring a child's tendency to internalize or externalize behaviors (Center for Human Resource Research, 1997).
It is a fact of life that some employees will never embrace or internalize a strategic plan that calls for significant change.
When associations internalize their insurance programs, they may become the brokers and, in some cases, the administrators of the programs.
We suggest that girls in this sample may internalize less than girls in previous research because cultural norms and community stressors lead female adolescents in the study to view internalizing symptoms as signs of weakness or failure to cope.
Traders need to concentrate on a few tools and indicators in order to internalize them.
Each method is easy to internalize and use, such as the importance of limiting excessive verbosity used to communicate when a child is naughty (an estimated "one word per year of life" sentence structure is recommended when communicating parental displeasure), the giving an immediate consequence for unacceptable behavior, refraining from yelling at children, and refraining from giving warnings, which only reinforce the idea that obedience is not required the first time a child is given an instruction.
In addition, the combined collection operations of Waste Services and Liberty Waste will be able to internalize construction and demolition waste volumes into the acquired landfill.