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Strong Kids consists of five separate instructional manuals from pre-K through 12th grade, each designed to prevent and reduce internalizing symptoms, suited to students' developmental stage.
77); (iii) Neither Internalizing nor Externalizing, OA: median=7, range=1-12, MG: median=6, range=1-12 (z=0.
To explore the relationship between child maltreatment and internalizing and externalizing behavior, the following hypotheses were tested: Hypothesis 1:Children who experience child maltreatment will exhibit higher levels of internalizing and externalizing behaviors compared with children who were not maltreated.
Participants completed the Youth Self-Report (YSR), a 112-item questionnaire to assess perceptions of internalizing and externalizing problems (Achenbach, 1991).
Direct and indirect exposure to community violence can negatively affect children (Dulmus & Wodarski), often resulting in children showing their distress by engaging in internalizing or externalizing behavior.
behavior at age 14 were twice as high in children who had asthma/bronchitis at age 5 for both boys and girls, but based on the adolescents' own reports, early asthma had a significant effect on adolescent internalizing behavior in boys but not in girls.
The obtained effect sizes for the SSRS Problem Behaviors scale, and the Externalizing, Internalizing, and Hyperactivity subscales were -.
Stories about consuming sacred food are perhaps more pervasive than any other ancient religious theme and speak symbolically to the importance of internalizing sacred teachings.
Key words: externalizing behaviors; internalizing behaviors; parenting practices; poverty
What happens when the alphabet soup of health care reform is viewed through the filter of internalizing transactions to reduce costs and exposures?
What can be gained by internalizing your program functions?
Right now, we're not internalizing the cost of pollution.