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INTERNATIONAL. That which pertains to intercourse between nations. International law is that which regulates the intercourse between, or the relative rights of nations.

LAW, INTERNATIONAL. The law of nature applied to the affairs of nations, commonly called the law of nations, jus gentium; is also called by some modern authors international law. Toullier, Droit Francais, tit. rel. Sec. 12. Mann. Comm. 1; Bentham. on Morals, &c., 260, 262; Wheat. on Int. Law; Foelix, Du Droit Intern. Prive, n. 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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'Unknown smugglers buried a huge quantity of marijuana wanted to smuggle it internationally but our timely action foiled smuggling bid.' AC Pasni Jamil Ahmed said added no arrest was made in the raid.
According to a press release issued here, the management of University of Central Punjab arranged Mehfl-e-Naat at its Bahawalpur campus and invited internationally known Naat Khawan, Abdul Rauf Roofi to recite Naat.
In the letters, the Ministry said that Washington-led illegal international coalition has committed a new crime against innocent Syrian civilians after its warplanes on October 13 and 14 targeted residential houses in the city of Hajin in Deir Ezzor province with internationally banned white phosphorus bombs, which caused the martyrdom and injuring a number of civilians, mostly women and children.
Washington DC, [USA] Aug 05 ( ANI ): Director of 'Sorry to Bother You', Raymond Lawrence Riley (aka Boots Riley) has criticised foreign distributors alleging that they refused to release his film, claiming that "black movies don't do well internationally".
The UAE is also in the 18th place internationally in terms of exporting non-crude petroleum oils to Vietnam and 24th internationally in exporting electronic circuits to Vietnam in 2016.
-Abida Parveen-(Internationally acclaimed Sufi singer who will perform a Sufi Act who would perform A Sufi medley of her best songs)
Ajmal lauded the hard work put in by the faculty of the University of Karachi and that if they continued to perform with the same spirit and commitment this institution would emerge as one of the top universities internationally.
Download Geagea: Anything besides our internationally recognized borders and 'People, State, Army' equation is of no concern to us NNA - Lebanese Forces (LF) Leader, Samir Geagea, deemed that the "Nation" for the Lebanese Forces is Lebanon, with its internationally recognized borders and its tripartite equation of the "People, State and Army," adding that anything besides the above is of no concern to his Party.
Darwish, a former squash player who was previously ranked first internationally, said the two championships' matches will be scheduled so they do not clash, giving the audience the chance to enjoy the squash matches at these two prestigious international squash championships.
by Staff Reporter An internationally renowned research ranking group has placed Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) in the top five for the whole of the GCC and boosted its ranking internationally.
Summary: Aeroflot has released its operating data for 7mo16: AeroflotEe's RPK was up 12.2%: 13.8% internationally and 10.3% on domestic routes / market data for 7mo16 is not yet out EeAu the market declined 11% YoY in 1H16.

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