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Internees laboured under guard all day with picks, shovels, and wheelbarrows, and were inadequately fed.
From time to time, the high court has been issuing directives regarding the functioning of the oversight boards as well as the visitation rights of the internees.
Most of the internees from Latin America received different--and lesser--treatment than their US counterparts.
Internees "became very disillusioned about the British Tommy who they had long admired," Paul said.
There was a statistically significant difference between scores of first year and internee groups for items 2 and 3 of SDS scale.
It took the Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation, formed by a group of former internees, their families and supporters, 15 years and $5 million in private donations, most from internees themselves, to complete the project.
Many of these internees have told their stories in print, the best known being J.G.
Though some of the internees get absorbed in the very offices, thousands of them are dragged to unemployment owing to non-availability of funds or vacancies who doubt their future amidst prevailing unemployment situation.
According to the Venkateshwarsa Homeopathic Medical College, all female internees are required to wear sarees and male internees formal pants and shirt during the one-year compulsory resident internship.
"We have had absolutely no fresh meat, vegetables, or butter since we came here," wrote Ted Nakashima, a young architectural draftsman who grew up in Seattle and was one of the 7,000 internees at the Puyallup Assembly Center, informally known as Camp Harmony, in western Washington State.
Wilma did civilian war service in the Canadian postal censorship, where she read the letters of German prisoners of war and of Jewish refugee internees and became acquainted with the conditions under which both were kept and could compare them.
Keep it up!' (32) The army records indicate that this is correct, and that Waldemar Weber was the internee in D Compound who called 'across the lane to the singers in C Compound, "BRAVO, BRAVO", raising his hand in the Nazi salute, and calling "Heil Hitler"'.