internet service provider

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internet service provider (ISP)

a person who provides the large computing systems and data storage required for other users to connect to the network of computers connected by a common protocol. In the law of the European Union an ISP provides information society services. To facilitate the function of those like ISPS special defences have been given to them to protect them from the claims for damages or prosecutions which could otherwise paralyse their business or divert others from entering. See e.g. CACHING, CONDUIT or HOSTING.
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More specifically, its software creates standardized virtual stores, and programs to undercut the expensive set-up fees of large Internet service providers.
"We are led to believe right now that he has hacked from a lot of Internet service providers," he added.
Internet service providers such as PFM Communications, Inc.
"RCP has grown in nine years from a tiny, non-governmental organization-type set-up with one computer and three modems to a Internet service provider worth US$200 million."
Brazil, Latin America's largest Internet market, has become the testing ground for FREE INTERNET SERVICE PROVIDERS. It began last December after Banco Bradesco, the nation's largest private bank, offered its 8 million customers free access to the World Wide Web.
According to US Attorney Donald Stern, "In this case, an Internet service provider intercepted mail passing through its network to gain a business advantage.

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