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Vacant land in the 1960s between Shepton | |Road and Parbrook Road, Huyton, site of part of the WWII internment camp
Betty Gale's experience provides both a valuable firsthand account of the trials and hardships of civilian internment during the Pacific War and a glorious testament to Christian courage and service to others under extreme conditions.
The Chief Justice reminded Tariq Asad that he was required to assist the court in reaching the conclusion whether it could extend its jurisdiction in the tribal areas under relevant laws and declare the confinement of these inmates of internment centers as illegal.
Earlier nearly 1,035 people had been taken to the internment centres upon court instructions, they said.
In a ceremony at the White House, Obama said that Hirabayashi, as a student at the University of Washington, was "one of only three Japanese Americans to defy the executive order that forced thousands of families to leave their homes, their jobs, and their civil rights behind and move to internment camps during World War II.
Importantly, Robinson sets the context of the entire internment period by looking at a history of Japanese racism that existed in North America before 7 December 1941.
TODD STEWART'S color photographs in Placing Memory: A Photographic Exploration of Japanese American Internment bear witness to this dark chapter of American wartime history.
An effective arrest and internment system is an essential part of a successful counterinsurgency effort, providing a nonlethal means of separating insurgents from the general populace and thereby securing the populace.
Cliff Chadderton has received over the years many letters from me in regards to my internment in a POW camp in Shanghai.
Thousands of Japanese men, including many living in internment camps, volunteered for the Army, serving in both the Asian and European theaters.
Police chiefs insisted yesterday they needed to hold terror suspects for longer without trial but rejected any move towards Guantanamo Bay-style internment.