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All other male Italians of the age of sixteen years or over, with the exception of consular officers, were to be arrested and surrendered in due course to the Commandant of the appropriate internment camp.
In the spring of 1944, Date Smith, with $25 in her pocket, was discharged from the internment camp and moved to Chicago, where she completed her bachelor's degree at the University of Chicago in 1946.
Glenn Kumekawa: I am not a historian or legal scholar, but from a historical view, I think we need to keep in mind a fundamental difference between the 10 internment camps of World War II and the Guantanamo prison camp.
The family had been living in the Dutch East Indies when in 1941-42 the Japanese invaded the islands and Nel and some thousands of other Dutch men and women, along with their children, were herded into internment camps.
Please describe the political climate and public opinion after Pearl Harbor and during the period which followed, in which Japanese American population was in the internment camps.
The first is that of a university professor who, at the age of sixty-four, began three years in an American internment camp.
I had read an article about the Japanese-American museum in downtown Los Angeles that focused on the internment camp experience during World War II.
Kaz Nomura (Masatoshi Nakamura) and his wife Emi (Judy Ongg) stoically struggle to maintain a normal life after being forcibly relocated to an internment camp in the remote town of Abraham, Utah.