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What was the idea behind placing Japanese-Americans in internment camps in World War II?
From the same period, some bright watercolours that he worked on in Premnagar document the environment of this internment camp at the foot of the Himalaya.
Per a policy signed by President Roosevelt, shortly after Pearl Habor these citizens of Japanese descent were sent off to internment camps in the California desert.
military in the 1940s, contending that they shouldn't risk their lives for a country that had forced 120,000 Japanese-Americans, including them and their families, into internment camps.
Even though you're third-generation American, from age 4 to 8 you were imprisoned with your family in a Japanese-American internment camp.
Reflections from an 80-year-old Japanese American internment camp detainee
A wreath was laid at a memorial marking his grave at the Weihsein internment camp.
Her parents were relocated to an internment camp during World War II, but her father landed an academic sponsorship at Oberlin College.
A family connection leads her to make a seemingly innocent enquiry into the death of an Italian-American who had been working in an internment camp during the Second World War.
Health studies have shown that former internment camp detainees have suffered a greater incidence of heart disease and premature death compared to noninterned Japanese-Americans.