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Her father had immigrated to Seattle from Japan in 1899 and had worked in restaurants, but lost his livelihood--and self-respect--as a result of the internments.
apologized for the internments and authorized a $20,000 payment to internees who were still alive.
She is standing on a pile of suitcases, reaching for a butterfly as she waits for the train that will take her and her family to an internment camp.
The compelling scene is captured in sculptor David Clemons' proposal for a bronze artwork that is part of the proposed "Forced Journey" memorial to Japanese-Americans who were forced into internment camps during World War II.
In contrast, he recognizes the racist underbelly of Los Angeles's economic and social promise as manifested in the state-sanctioned crimes of Japanese American internment and the Zoot Suit Riots.
Instead of military guard towers policing Japanese Americans in remote internment camps, the civilian police monitor and circumscribe the physical and economic mobility of African Americans within the various areas of Los Angeles.