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Talented students find employers with formal internship programmes very appealing.
com of more than 500 people, most of whom were undergraduates, shows that job seekers have embraced the use of social networking with friends, associates, and new contacts to find employment and internship opportunities.
Internship should be a valuable educational experience for the intern.
Among the host companies of internship programs of Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, one host company from computers field (Arobs Transilvania Software Company) developed an efficient internship program in which each actor involved (university-host company-students) plays an equal role.
It makes finding, applying for and starting an internship as easy as possible.
This year's internship program has proven to be the most successful to date with tremendous interest shown by students wishing to participate in Qtel's program.
An internship also offers networking opportunities, references and potential job offers, said Jan Adams, cooperative education/experiential learning coordinator for Whatcom Community College.
One of the most important steps of becoming a certified Gerson Home Set-up Trainer (HST) is the hands-on internship training.
The exact number of fellowships and internships awarded each year depends on the program and available funding.
8220;Recent economic studies have proven that increased internship activity translates to increased economic benefit for our local economy.
An example of a possible internship job description that could be beneficial would be the following: The City of Niceville has an internship position available for the spring semester.
Are we to believe that most young people think they cannot succeed without an internship because this is what some college students told Perlin?