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Rest of 15,000 internships would be offered next year, he said adding that the interns were getting a chance to learn things practically through National Internship Programme.
Sharing the details, he said that the internship amount would be distributed among the provinces as per National Finance Commission (NFC) award formula.
Current and former interns provided ratings and commented on their internship experiences according to a variety of factors.
The extent to which the internship accommodates the intern's academic commitment by corresponding to the academic calendar.
Iden- tify someone in the company to connect with and you may be able to arrange for an internship, especially if you are willing to do it free of charge or for a minimal fee.
Taking an internship, even if it is unpaid, gives you the opportunity to get real and hands-on experience in the type of career that you've always wanted to pursue.
To learn more about past student internship experiences, visit www.
The literature provides various definitions of what constitutes an intern or an internship.
Glatt should immediately impact prevailing internship practices, which have developed to an industrial scale at some large employers.
The demographics and experiences of students who were not successful in getting an internship placement on the first application attempt have been described in separate publications [2, 3].
Having a detailed job description and project list in mind will help you communicate with the students about their day-to-day activities and assure they know as much as possible about the internship beforehand, so both parties can make the right decision.
New graduates tend to choose an internship with the hopes it will result in reference letters, but the work students are being asked to do can sometimes be qualified as mistreatment by the employers.