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KEYWORDS interoception, childhood anxiety disorders, autonomic flexibility, respiratory sinus arrhythmia, heart rate, cognition
the environment as apprehended (constructed) by the central nervous system; secundo, the innerworld ("Innenwelt"), made of affectivity, interoception, proprioception and imaginative projections.
Leder notes that interoception is characterized by "spatial ambiguity"--that is to say, by a certain indefiniteness as to location: "visceral sensations are often vaguely situated with indistinct borders" (41).
director, neurology and neuropsychiatry, Institute of Cognitive Neurology, Buenos Aires, Argentina, New Insights into the Cardiovascular System-Central Nervous System Interaction: From Interoception to Social Cognition and Executive Functions
Interoception drives increased rational decision-making in meditators playing the Ultimatum Game.
Research consistently reports that anxiety is closely related to interoception and (mis)interpretation of bodily sensations, but little is known about more fundamental processes underlying this relationship.
The book begins by introducing the TSY framework, and then spends a couple of chapters discussing in depth the important concepts of interoception and choice.