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Measurements of body length and interocular distance were made for all treatment groups at concentrations of compounds from 10 nM-5 [micro]M.
After collection, fish were evaluated for sex, total length, total weight, widest head width, interocular distance, gonadosomatic index, gonad weight, egg count, tubercle count, and tubercle score.
irianjayensis can, however, be easily distinguished by the antennal segment I that is as long as interocular distance and covered with the moderately dense setae (Fig.
Vertex with interocular distance narrow, distinctly less than distance between antennal sockets; ocellae distinct.
Visual-effects creation: Interocular distance and convergence; the effects of different types of lenses and cameras in 3D; screening of good and bad 3D content; using 3ality demos hands-on session; and 3ality 3D rig & stereo image processor production.