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01 grams), widest head width (HW, 1 ram), interocular distance (ID, 1 mm), and gonad weight (GW, 0.
We made gross morphologic measurements of body length (rostral tip of the cement gland to the tip of the tail), interocular distance (between the medial edges of the eyes), and body shape (presence of abnormal dorsal curvature).
Two of these were second-order spatial relations: the vertical mouth position and the interocular distance.
The effect of interocular distance upon operator performance rising stereoscopic displays to perform virtual depth tasks.
Vertex with interocular distance narrow, distinctly less than distance between antennal sockets; ocellae distinct.
9 mm); antennal segment I as long as interocular distance, covered with moderately dense setae (Fig.
Visual-effects creation: Interocular distance and convergence; the effects of different types of lenses and cameras in 3D; screening of good and bad 3D content; using 3ality demos hands-on session; and 3ality 3D rig & stereo image processor production.
Interocular distance about the same as the width of pedicel of the antenna (Fig.