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In this paper I demonstrate that television as an ideological state apparatus (Althusser, 1971) shapes opinions through employing ideology which tacitly interpellates individuals in a particular way according to culture, space, age, and academic exposure.
First, as an anatomical and embodied feature, the vulva effectively eludes cultural dynamics that interpellate women as heterosexual receptacles and reproductive vessels in ways that the vagina cannot; it is a horizontal marker of sexual difference by which female, male, and otherwise "sexed" bodies can identify outside the tenacious terms of inversion and complementarity.
Here, the manifesto's experimental theorization and possible end signals a shift away from Lyon's arguments on representation, particularly where she claims that one of the manifesto's fundamental characteristics is to interpellate a 'we' that will demand recognition or struggle to attain it.
If utopia interpellates a radically reconstituted utopian subject, how can the non-utopian subject identify with an utterly other subject position, involving as it would the complete eradication of subjectivity as it is known and felt?
Indeed, their self-reflexive adumbration of the profound dissonance between the unsettled reader they project and the settled one they interpellate as a subject ultimately attests to a degree of ontogenetic anxiety rather than confidence.
it makes ideas and, above all, their representatives move about--kata-agorein, from which kategorein is derived, meaning "to interpellate in a congregation.
Various passages explicitly interpellate the reader and show how the text works as an active producer of signification--a poetic organism.
In still other words, by failing to interpellate minority subjects, constructions and figurations through the system of capitalism, works such as Rod Ferguson's Aberrations in Black, Mason Stokes's The Color of Sex, Siobhan Somerville's Queering the Color Line, Valerie Smith's Not Just Race, Not Just Gender, Kobena Mercer's Welcome to the Jungle, and Omi and Winant's Racial Formation in the United States, just to name a few, produce a notion of race that is largely meaningless, divorced as it is from economic considerations.
In the third part, "The Ruins and the Collector," Duno-Gottberg foregrounds his reading in a notion of collector as coinciding "in the capacity of objects to interpellate.
4) Despite ostensibly having a maritime theme, each sought to interpellate its landlubber audience through rhetorical strategies that would have been familiar to Mail readers.
The financialised masses may be virtual owners, but they are also voters, whose political support for funded saving and light-touch regulation of financial services cannot be entirely taken for granted, however strongly the discourses of 'personal finance' interpellate the subject.
According to Standing Order 295, every Member sitting in opposition may interpellate a minister on a matter of general interest for which he is officially responsible.