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55) He does so, firstly, as mask for capitalist Arab or Western economic exploitation and, as I have just noted, as a term to demonize or interpellate any kind of democratic political opposition.
I shall examine how 'Cyclops' as an act of narrative performance achieves a similar effect by subversively enlisting the three main cultural media repeatedly used in colonial Ireland to interpellate a growing circle of national subjects: the newspaper, the popular ballad, and drama.
religious rights" and involve interrogating what, exactly, is being represented on screen, and whether or not same-sex weddings interpellate lesbian and gay couples into a form of heteronormativity.
If the inability to define the singularity of the "who" marks the limit of philosophical discourse, the transformation, hence erasure, of the "who" into the "what," for Louis Althusser defines the linguistic cultural codes through which the various ideological discourses interpellate social subjects: "Ideology 'acts' or 'functions' in such a way that it 'recruits' subjects among the individuals (it recruits them all), or 'transforms' the individuals into subjects (it transforms them all)" (174).
In our reading of the rendering of whale into oil, we interpellate more recent forms of human and animal expropriation, cultural practices with which we are all so familiar that it is no longer necessary to discriminate the circumstances or causes of past acts of violence but merely to cite them, along with all practices that might be interpreted as metaphorical renderings of life to thing, to trigger a reflexive disgust.
I suggest this not to interpellate Cambis, Zubrycki and Salama back into the singularity of nationhood, but rather as a way to account for the possibilities the films present for seeking out affiliations that exist alongside and in tension with Australian identity.
Implicitly, then, the radio is framed as an unstable technology of assimilation that cannot reliably interpellate the native into "good," unhybridized civilization.
incest and homosexuality facing him should he interpellate Bon as
In another sense, it is a sustained polemic against the explanatory force of ideology as identity, that is, an argument against those master narratives that aim to show how a specific system of beliefs might interpellate or, as Gibbon might put it, gently insinuate itself into the minds of men, derive vigour from opposition, and finally erect an empire.
Chapter 5 takes up the way in which George Herbert, in The Temple, makes similar use of the language and concepts of usury to interpellate the confusion of subject and object as well as the alienation of self caused by commercialization and its "fetishization of the signifier" (141).
Various nationalist languages purported to interpellate workers, such as "industrial worriers," were constitutive of workers' identities, which leads me to conclude that the developmentalist regimes until the 1980s were not entirely despotic.