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Perhaps it is the educational ideology that interpellates him more strongly than the cultural ideology.
Dorotea uses the religious discourse of love found in the conduct manuals for wives to achieve her own desire: she avoids the dishonor attached to the questionable beginning of her marriage, and she interpellates Don Fernando as her husband.
Consequently, when the narrator of the disclosure, Foucault's confessant, engages the listener, Foucault's confessor, the listener must refuse the role of confessor who interrogates, interpellates, analyzes, explicates, coerces, chastises, defines, describes, prescribes, punishes, absolves, or withholds absolution.
But it so happens that ethical interpellation is always within the sensible (it is incarnate, if you like); and, from that point on, it is indeed the face as such that is the site par excellence of the defection of the phenomenon in phenomenality-it speaks, it hears, and above all, it sees: that is to say, for Levinas, it questions, it interpellates.
Don Rafael feels himself to be in a position where he can interpellate, performatively create, her personality as a woman who practises free love, when in reality the interpellation might be more a consequence of his own desire than any reality about the woman's life.
Wheatley joins Chiang in modeling the kind of seeing that the text interpellates us to engage in: seeing as vision and seeing as understanding; seeing as a multi-directional ethnographic gaze; seeing through individual, English, Chinese, and human eyes; seeing with self-reflexivity about when, where, why, and how we blend or see as.
In looking at how globalized European and American consumer cultures interpellate Marjane in Satrapi's book, we can complicate the picture a bit.
Despite his own entrapment in the Southern racist ideology which renders him unable to question the equation of Lucas with "murderous nigger," Gavin's commentary illuminates the way ideology, through the channels of racialized discourse and ritualistic practice, interpellates people into "white" or "black" subject positions.
We read this process through Caleb himself as he comes to realize that autobiography, rather than articulating a legitimate or authentic Romantic selfhood, instead interpellates the subject's private life for the public sphere.
As Cuddy-Keane argues, 'Middlebrow is a product of a mass--not popular--culture and of a masculinized institutional discourse that dogmatically interpellates the reader/listener into its own ideology' (p.
Beyond an understanding of the Biographia as a ideological text whose process of quilting interpellates various floating signifiers into its totalized ideological field is the recognition that analysis must, as Zizek suggests, aim "at extracting the kernel of enjoyment, at articulating the way in which--beyond the field of meaning but at the same time internal to it--an ideology implies, manipulates, produces, a pre-ideological enjoyment structured in fantasy" (Sublime 125).
Part of the difficulty of reading Povinelli is that she is trying to develop and apply a new language for thinking about the way state power interpellates Aboriginal subjects; how it 'hails' of recognises them and in the process mirrors them back to themselves.