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Truth to tell, these two readings are in fact both too literal in the sense that their common error consists in failing to understand that it is not the face as positive being that humanizes (if one takes things this way, one either absolutizes the piece of the body named 'face', or-considering this an untenable and exorbitant privilege-one decrees that it is a metaphorical way of speaking, an eloquent and pedagogical way of emphasizing the interpellating vulnerability of others).
Mattel's Barbie doll, a more than 50-year-old toy with an unbreached popularity, remains an icon of authentic white femininity, insidiously interpellating its young owners into Naomi Wolf's "iron maiden of beauty myth" (Wolf 30) embodied by the unchanging plastic mould of this anatomically deformed, biologically impossible, culturally mythicized collectible.
Pagano states his premise: "If it is true, as Althusser has stated, that ideology functions by interpellating the subject, the second-degree interpellation that takes place during the reading process can make the reader reflect on the process of ideological interpellation that takes place in everyday life" (151).
If the Master of Ceremonies clearly calls each character into being, drawing attention to this gesture of interpellation (to use Althusser's terminology), the very visible and racially specific performers have themselves already been subjected to a tacit interpellating gesture that is not similarly revealed in the performance.
Interpellating us as trainable seals, we were tempted with the coveted "audience VIP card" awarded by preppers to well-performing audience members.
Para kayong gangster na cash ang barayan eh,' Farias said when he was interpellating the vehicles supplier Granstar.
Speaker of the National Assembly Jassem Al-Kharafi announced on Monday that he would omit MPs' request for interpellating HH the Prime Minister Sheikh Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah from agenda of upcoming session of the Parliament.
Moreover, mass media present another avenue for interpellating possible meanings of the scarf and identities of those who appropriate it.
Instead of inviting conquest, interpellating readers into an imperial subject-position or the comfort of an epistemologically privileged position of knowing, Morrison undertakes narration as a communal act, deftly manipulating the voices around her subject.
Indeed, any ideological formation which is objectifying in this manner will have the effect of interpellating non-subjects.
You are interpellating me into this, but why am I what you are saying that I am?
Members of the House of Representatives are being prevented from interpellating in the debate on the death penalty bill in the plenary in a bid to railroad the passage of the reimposition of capital punishment, opposition lawmakers said.