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The three interpellations dealt with corruption in distributing lands among young university graduates.
SDSM, on the other hand, accused the government of an incursion into the legislative branch and decided to submit interpellations against Jankulovska and Veljanoski.
The privacy condition was also based on precedent, and was in keeping with earlier interpellations of ruling family members resulting in questioning sessions -- for example that of Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad al-Khalid al-Sabah in 1998.
Paul D is also dismembered by the new master's interpellations.
But ruling and opposition parties agreed Monday that they will move these interpellations to Oct.
Interpellations on Kan's policy speech, which would be basically in the form of a ''one-way'' question-and-answer session, are hardly sufficient in providing a thorough understanding of the prime minister's political stance or diplomatic issues in general.
28, the new premier's speech on the following day, and interpellations by each party's representatives between Oct.
MP Abdullah Al-Turiji submitted the four-axe interpellation against Al-Madaj on November 23 to National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim, based on article 100 of the Constitution, namely "Every member of the National Assembly may address to the Prime Minister and to Ministers interpellations with regard to matters falling .
L'Assemblee du peuple va fixer, lors de sa seance aujourd'hui, une date pour la discussion de 15 interpellations presentees par nombre de membres aux ministres concernes sur un certain nombre de dossiers, dont les graves contraventions au sein de l'Organisme du Canal de Suez, la privation du Canal de tous les facteurs d'investissement sur ses rives, ce qui a affecte ses trois villes, ainsi que l'interpellation presentee par le depute el-Badri Farghali sur le gaspillage par le ministere des Finances des fonds des assurances sociales en les depensant dans des domaines pour lesquels ils ne sont pas alloues.
In his reply to a question, Al-Ghanim said interpellations constitute no obstacle to work between the legislative and the executive powers "as long as they are in line with the constitution and the (Assembly's) bylaw" hoping this latest one is "elevated and seeks reform.
Al-Ghanim was asked about the interpellations in the past legislative session, and said grillings did not hamper achievements.
KUWAIT, May 5 (KUNA) -- Minister of State for Cabinet Affairs Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah Al-Sabah said there was a "clear" relation based on cooperation with the parliament resulted in approval of many laws and discussing interpellations.