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argues, as the subtitle suggests, that charity and knowledge interpenetrate (cooperate) in their descent to the particulars of every human act.
Practices interpenetrate each other and are not a set of discrete building blocks for social life.
They are kairological and not simply chronological because they mutually imply and interpenetrate one another.
floats in and out of focus as the various narratives unfold and interpenetrate one another.
Smith (German, UC Irvine) traces a five-hundred year dialogue among (mostly) German theologians and philosophers about faith and reason, but specifically the way that either position interpenetrates the other and assumes some common ground--specifically Logos.
What this means, quite literally, is that the form of the building reaches out of the traditional spatial envelopes that tend to define urban development--setback lines, zoning envelopes, street corridors, and pedestrian walkways--and interpenetrates them, reorganizing the localized flow of people and energy.
1] = 10, the penetrant interpenetrates each layer, and then the concentration distribution shows a characteristic upward concave shape in the B-component.
It's a powerful form of prayer that focuses intentions, uniting them with the energy that interpenetrates all things.
Newman (2002) asserted that "every entity interpenetrates every other entity" (p.
But Blickle skillfully meets the challenge, combining a variety of theoretical perspectives to investigate the ways "the idea of Heimat interpenetrates German notions of modernity, identity, the feminine, nature, nation, landscape, ground (as both a physical and an intellectual concept), and innocence (in childhood, in religion, in language)" (157).