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We start by placing preformed neurofilaments and preformed microtubules next to each other and gently trying to get them to interpenetrate.
Rather, in what is both the glory of this book and its most frustrating aspect, all of its ideas repeatedly interpenetrate and lead to one another.
suggests that this way of distinguishing the will's movement confuses Keenan's purpose to both preserve the will's freedom and defend reason's influence in the moral act with a departmentalization of powers that otherwise interpenetrate.
floats in and out of focus as the various narratives unfold and interpenetrate one another.
They are kairological and not simply chronological because they mutually imply and interpenetrate one another.
Science fiction and fantasy interpenetrate with utopian studies, and in sketching out the realms of SF and fantasy, starting with Shippey's beautifully straightforward Introduction, the Guide helps locate literary utopia.
Practices interpenetrate each other and are not a set of discrete building blocks for social life.
The figures are endowed with transparency: that is, they are able to interpenetrate without an optical destruction of each other.
Experience," he explains, can be defined "metaphysically as a process composed of relational elements called feelings" which interpenetrate one another at both conscious and unconscious levels (278).
Despite its name, the two networks hardly interpenetrate truly at a molecular level, because of the inherent immiscibility of most polymer pairs [12-14].
Like Jorge Macchi's Liliput, 2007, included in the show, in which national boundaries are cut apart and reconstructed into unfamiliar continents through chance correspondence, "Brave New Worlds" features artists from countries that are geographically distant from one another, but whose cultures, economies, populations, and political systems interpenetrate.
In many situations, however, the polymers interpenetrate at the interface such that a gradual change in polymer concentration occurs across a very thin interdiffusion region.