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where [delta] is the interpenetration velocity, [[delta].
The expansions in the university's student enrollments and academic contents exhibit the intensifying interpenetration of the global and universal with the local and particular.
dif] bring an end to diffusion, the final interpenetration length according to Eq.
Posthuman subjectivity similarly represents a "two-sided form," as it results from the interpenetration of opposites: "When two-sided forms are personified, the metamorphs so created open up and dramatize the form of self-referential paradoxes.
In addition, there is the interpenetration and impact of this war on US strategy, which considers any blow against the security situation in Pakistan tantamount to the complete obliteration of its efforts to confront the Taliban in Afghanistan.
Several essays in the second volume write of the cultural interpenetration of east and west.
This marked the beginning of a long-term project that included Letters and Fictions (1987) and new material from Faulkner's unpublished letters in Thinking of Home: William Faulkner's Letters to His Mother and Father, 1918-1925 (1992), both of which contribute to our understanding of the interpenetration of Faulkner's life and art.
Pirani (sociology, University of Roma) and Varga (sociology, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario) look at the interpenetration of human bodies and technology.
Tieck's Marchen are all his own, ranging from terror to artifice and the interpenetration of the quotidian by 'das Wunderbare'.
Interpenetration adds an operational dimension to the structural coupling between social and psychological systems (Luhmann, 1988; 1995a, p.
The careful interpenetration of inside and outside spaces both at ground level and on the first floor--with some fine part-covered terraces and balconies--allows visitors and users to advance or retreat from the outside world as and when they wish.
In the work of the practice, modestly presented, one could get a sense of the effects of Cubism on the designs: framelessness, floating planes, interpenetration of spaces, and sometimes asymmetrical interiors.