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where [delta] is the interpenetration velocity, [[delta].sub.f] stands for the interpenetration velocity at the moment of collision separation, and [delta] expresses the interpenetration displacement.
Nevertheless, any senior student or scholar concerned with the interpenetration of vernacular and classical humanist culture should read this book, as it provides the evidence necessary to prove the subtle and complex vision with which art was viewed, used and experienced in Renaissance Italy.
The figure's flowing form emphasizes its "interpenetration" with the environment.
The predicaments of contemporary societies can be resolved through combining greater clarity about the dynamics of global interdependence and interpenetration with new and encompassing patterns of commitment.
Thus, when the time at t = [t.sub.dif] bring an end to diffusion, the final interpenetration length according to Eq.
Michael Pearson sets the stage provocatively by noting that data and metadata on Indian Ocean interconnectedness often sidestep the sea: land-born concerns dominate the emerging "landscape of the sea," ultimately necessitating what Pearson calls "amphibious history." His conception of littoral society, the notion of permeability as the defining characteristic of the littoral zone, and the interpenetration of sea and land underlie the argumentation of the rest of the papers of the volume.
Last month, at Chennai airport, I picked up a book, John Carlin's Playing the Enemy , which deals with the interpenetration of sport and politics in modern South Africa.
And the interpenetration of inner and outer worlds is accomplished to an extent that is rare in fiction, let alone in non-fiction.
According to Clarke, the distinction between narration and focalization reflects the interpenetration of social and psychic systems, and "maintaining that distinction ...
In addition, there is the interpenetration and impact of this war on US strategy, which considers any blow against the security situation in Pakistan tantamount to the complete obliteration of its efforts to confront the Taliban in Afghanistan.
This marked the beginning of a long-term project that included Letters and Fictions (1987) and new material from Faulkner's unpublished letters in Thinking of Home: William Faulkner's Letters to His Mother and Father, 1918-1925 (1992), both of which contribute to our understanding of the interpenetration of Faulkner's life and art.
Several essays in the second volume write of the cultural interpenetration of east and west.