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The interpolation is used to interpolate the right boundary condition, the left boundary condition, and the initial condition:
The weighted moving average technique interpolates by making use of the geometric relationships between adjacent contour lines (Watson, 1992).
The magnitude VSI can also be used to retrospectively interpolate the fMRI data acquired without saving the complex k-space data.
Different from 8J-MCI proposed by [19], we use the overlapped blocks to interpolate the current frame in order to suppress blocking artifacts.
Don't insult us so that we have to read the fine print in the accuracy box and then interpolate what the writer is reporting.
The method of collocation of least squares with Hirvonen function was applied to interpolate the vertical crustal movements (Kowalczyk, 2006a).
In this paper we are mainly interested in sampling operators which interpolate or reproduce functions as specified in the following definition.
Version 8.0 of the software can interpolate fields for ray tracing.
One new feature is the ability to interpolate fields for ray tracing which speeds up problem solving when enough division is present for the interpolated field.
As a judge he was very well respected, not only by the Bar but also by his fellow judges--even by his semi-communist sister Mary Gaudron (I might interpolate that his Honour is no longer a Communist).
For any two-dimensional subspace F = span [[f.sub.1], [f.sub.2]] [subset] C ([R.sub.2]) there exists a pair of distinct points u, v [member of] [R.sub.2] such that the space F does not interpolate at these points.