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The used version of Interpolated DFT is one introduced in [9].
t] is the interpolated frame to be estimated, and the previous and the following neighboring frames of [f.
The C9 Zone (C9): this mineralisation occurs in a pipe-like sub-vertical breccia and is located between the WRZ and BZ and contains 15% of the interpolated mineralisation.
Therefore, the output of the virtual array after the interpolated array transform is given by
It is demonstrated that in practical cases, uncertainties for the integral formed using interpolated data can be reliably estimated using the original data.
The insurance company should provide the interpolated terminal reserve value as of the date the policy is transferred to the trust on Form 712, Life Insurance Statement, which CPAs should attach to the gift tax return.
Although Neuschafer concedes that the narrative of the knight's adventures represents a comedy when viewed in isolation from the interpolated tales, he maintains that moral messages not fully developed in the larger story of Don Quixote are highlighted and fleshed out in the interpolated tales, stories which often, despite their Christian background, have a tragic quality and outline individual ethical behavior.
This interpolated PA training influenced the choice of comparisons in tests of emergent relations so that some of the potential equivalence classes based on MTS training did not emerge, but were displaced by classes partly derived from links between the names of stimuli.
Johnson (1982) employed a linear positioning task in which novel movements were interpolated between initial presentation and recall of a criterion movement length.
Spanish dramatist and musician whose plays are notable for their effective dialogue, simple humor, and skillful use of interpolated songs and music.
The device also scans in 24-bit color or grayscale at an interpolated resolution of up to 9600 dpi from the platen glass or the ADF.
No music will be interpolated, but some will be cut to offer a sleek production with two intermissions.