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We also found that filtering interpolated data led to a significantly greater effect on the features extracted from data that were filtered (but not interpolated) than did the interpolation of already-filtered data (Table 3).
The C9 Zone (C9): this mineralisation occurs in a pipe-like sub-vertical breccia and is located between the WRZ and BZ and contains 15% of the interpolated mineralisation.
Interpolated values are then correlated to the original data and to nearby interpolated points; unless these correlations are taken into account, uncertainty calculations will give misleading results, generally underestimating errors in the spectral sums by significant amounts.
The insurance company should provide the interpolated terminal reserve value as of the date the policy is transferred to the trust on Form 712, Life Insurance Statement, which CPAs should attach to the gift tax return.
Interpolated resolution is the enhanced resolution of a scanning device and not the "true" resolution.
They've interpolated an interesting mix of talents behind the scenes, with songs produced by Don Was, Babyface and the Dust Brothers, who produced for Beck and several rap stars.
This interpolated PA training influenced the choice of comparisons in tests of emergent relations so that some of the potential equivalence classes based on MTS training did not emerge, but were displaced by classes partly derived from links between the names of stimuli.
This is repeated for several points, and with the aid of a computer, successive data are interpolated to determine the distances between points.
The device also scans in 24-bit color or grayscale at an interpolated resolution of up to 9600 dpi from the platen glass or the ADF.
Since the poor textual quality of the humanistic manuscripts and their receptivity to interpolated material are generally known, it would have helped the overall presentation if the author had said more at the outset about the indirect tradition, i.
Tomasson makes the so-called Burgmuller Peasant Pas de Deux (it is to music by Friedrich Burgmuller but was interpolated for the Paris premiere) in the first act into a pas de cinq for three women and two men; toward the end of that act he introduces a full-scale pas de deux (an adagio and two variations, but no coda) for the doomed Giselle and her faithless lover, Albrecht.
Through use of the platen glass or the automatic document feeder (ADF) color scans are captured in 24-bit color at an interpolated resolution of up to 9600 dpi.