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Difference in pressure array parameters following linear versus cubic spline interpolation (1x), with low-pass filtering preceding or following interpolation step, as compared with raw data filtered but without interpolating.
It has a highly oscillating cubic behavior on the real line but is tight with bounded oscillating values [+ or -]1 at the sampling interpolating nodes k[pi]/[sigma]:
By the intermediate value theorem, there exists a pair u, v such that D [u, v] = 0 and hence F is not interpolating at these points.
The BCM5000 integrates digital adaptive equalizers, 6-bit analog-to-digital converters, programmable gain amplifiers, phase lock loops, interpolating line drivers, an encoder and a decoder into a single monolithic CMOS chip.
Another module implements the Natural Motion algorithms that improve perceived image quality by interpolating between frames to smooth jerky motion.
By interpolating in both horizontal and vertical directions at different, proportional rates between the fixed size digital window stored in the frame buffer and the requested size of the window on the screen, the HiQVideo series eliminates the edge "blockiness" found in present implementations.
For example, in the case of an image that needed to be scaled by a factor of two, from 100 to 200 pixels, the missing pixels are generated by interpolating between the two pixels that are on either side of the pixel that needs to be generated.
Other advanced features integrated into the L6361 to further improve the performance are an ST proprietary Interpolating Timing Recovery scheme and an ST proprietary 8th-order low pass filter (LPF).
The MVP Pro-128 provides up to 16MB of high-speed 100MHz SGRAM video memory, plus a Digital Video Engine that delivers X/Y interpolating scaling.
As we know there is a unique interpolating polynomial which can be written in different forms.
Key words and phrases : generalized sampling, multiplier method, window method, interpolating sampling operator, Gaussian multiplier, Gaussian window
Keith Klassen's Alfred was hot to trot for Rosalinde, humorously interpolating snatches of tunes from Italian opera, though his high notes were pinched-sounding.

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