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It is exact interpolating recovery of entire functions of exponential type having a polynomial asymptotic on the real axis.
As DAC conversion rates increased beyond 300 MHz, interpolating or digital-upconverter DACs became attractive because they accept data at the baseband rate and perform digital upconversion (DUC) on the chip before generating the analog output.
v], is three, one more than the number of interpolating conditions.
Between these fixed points, standard platinum resistance thermometers (SPRTs) are used as interpolating devices with a prescribed interpolation formula.
has introduced the Felix 2010, an all-in-one tool for interpolating, ramping, chamfering, countersinking and finishing.
The market value formula used in this case was essentially a hybrid method that calculated the value of unbottled whiskey by interpolating a value between the whiskey's production cost (using the cost of reproduction method) and the whiskey's net realizable value (using the comparative sales method).
k], k = 1, 2, polynomial spline of degree n, n [greater than or equal to] 3k, interpolating an arbitrary set of data points ([x.
30, 1992, Gleason and his colleagues checked its earlier measurements by interpolating the calibration for that period, using the late September and early February calibrations as reference points.
The toolbox includes high performance glyphs for the registration framework components of interpolating, optimizing and transforming pixel data points.

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