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Mathematics and computer science are interested in methods of 2D curve interpolation and extrapolation using the set of key points (knots).
One particularly noteworthy technical limitation is that this study looks only at interpolations to "integer order," i.
Therefore, selection of an optimum method becomes the key for further analysis because different interpolation methods may give different results.
This is the result of two 1D spline interpolations which require O (n log n) computations to interpolate one data point using sorted data grids while 2D spline interpolation requires O ([(n log n).
The Hierarchical INTerpolation (HINT) technique [5] showed superior performance compared to other basic pyramid data structures such as a mean pyramid or a difference pyramid.
This figure represents the amplitude response (a) and the phase response (b) of a Chebyshev filter and its linear interpolations via the real (dashed-dotted plot) and complex (dashed plot) interpolations.
During interpolation with collocation method the radius of points search, determined on 10 % of data, was 50 km (Kowalczyk, 2006b).
From the 3D scanned point clouds are extracted the 3D contours of the vertical walls within are done the radial basis function (RBF) 3D interpolations.
The software used for all interpolations was ArcGIS, produced by Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI).
The version of the Lagrange polynomial method in the software program that many BEA analysts use was not designed for interpolations of stock series.
There are several commonly used methods of interpolations such as linear interpolation and the three-point Lagrange interpolation (Duan and Meng, 1993), etc.
Moreover, Bednarz develops a compelling timeline for each phase of the struggle (9, 265-76), carefully untangling the evidence of personal invective, reference and cross-reference, theater companies, authorship, interpolations, and publications.