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The Interpose Bill Payment Suite is an end-to-end bill payment solution including InteliData's Interpose Payment Warehouse(TM) and Interpose Web Interface(TM).
InteliData's Interpose OFX Gateway provides a comprehensive solution for banks and financial service providers looking to offer standards-based connectivity to their customers.
The Interpose Payment Warehouse adds tremendous value as it allows the bank to manage the routing of bill payment transactions.
With C/S Solution Advisor from Interpose, Comdisco can now expand the current TCO service offering by helping our customers optimize IT costs on an ongoing basis.
Using InteliData's Interpose mainframe middleware and FPT2000 transactions servers, First Tennessee customers will enjoy secure, real-time account access that is perfectly synchronized between the bank's branches, automated teller machines (ATMs) and automated telephone banking systems.
sur le chapitre recrutement, les Canaris verront debarquer dans les prochains jours le jeune Oussama Abdeldjelil qui evolue au sein de la formation francaise de Lyon Duchere qui evolue en quatrieme division amateur (CFA) pour porter, avec Nkama et Boutadjine, a trois les nouvelles recrues hivernales kabyles meme si pour le Camerounais rien n'est encore sur avec la guerre a laquelle se livrent les ancien et nouveau president du club des Pantheres de Nde par communiques interposes.
Apres plus de deux semaines de declarations assassines par medias interposes, les deux protagonistes de ce vaudeville et leurs partisans semblent avoir pris conscience des ravages dans l'opinion de l'etalage de leur discorde et menent maintenant leurs negociations a huis clos.
The sentence's grammar in lines 11-13 interposes between the reader and the forward motion of the narrative (since action is carried through subject-verb-object) just as the fly in the story interposed between the speaker and the light.
Bertolucci interposes documentary footage of the uprising, creating an intricately layered fiction that ends by locating the theater itself as a site of violence and disaster: As the camera is placed in the very heart of the protest, the screen fills with overturned cars, assault police in riot gear, and exploding Molotov cocktails.
In a meeting held earlier today with the City, Mayor Tommy Osmena said that he interposes no objection to the Joint Letter to Rescind sent by Filinvest and that he has tasked City officials and Filinvest representatives to work out the details and processes to consummate the rescission.
Les avocats se sont interposes entre les citoyens et les forces de l'ordre.