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data moves from box to box, with minimal restriction or interference and without platform-specific embargoes from inessential interposing boxes.
Tenders are invited for Interposing Cts 5/5A, 15Va, Class 1 Metering Type Make:- Kappa/Silkaan/Indelect/Amar.
The innovative design of ATAS, which is supported by the SFF and X3T13 Standards Groups, boasts improved signal to noise ratio at transfer speeds of 33MB/s and higher by implementing an 80 conductor configuration with interposing ground lines between existing 40 pin IDE signals.
The internal ground bus bar achieves a low impedance level by reducing noise at high transmission speeds through seven IDE grounds that are tied to the interposing grounds, forming one superground bus.
Limited Tenders are invited for Interposing Relay For Circuit Breaker
Subject of the tender is the supply and installation of studio technical equipment for 6 largely identical production studios (each consisting of 2 control rooms with interposing Studio) on the H floor at the Broadcasting House Cologne of Germany Radio.
Limited Tenders are invited for Procurement of interposing relay panel for riopi
Installation and commissioning of interposing gland bushes at different control switches, starters of mine no 1 of KUGP3.
Similar works means supply and installation interposing relay board, power cables, and control cables.
by code and the Klamath Fire Marshal) annunciators, an interface with metasys to shut down the building supply and return fans and interposing relays to shut down the room s standalone HVAC units, integrate, if feasible, with the existing manual single action 3 (by floor) pull station alarm system, and all other equipment necessary for a complete operational system.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Interposing current transformer
Repairing & installation Interposing gland bushes in different panels and switches of Tapin Projectat site.