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It is soothing to the heart to abuse England and France for interposing to save the Ottoman Empire from the destruction it has so richly deserved for a thousand years.
Hilbery either ignored or thought fit to baffle this desire by interposing various errands of her own.
Don't be uneasy," said des Lupeaulx, interposing between the minister and Rabourdin, whom he thus interrupted; "in another week you will probably be appointed--"
The Englishman politely interposing, asked if she had any special object in wishing to enter the room.
Quite correct, Socrates, if Simonides is to be believed, said Polemarchus interposing.
Hattersley strode up to the fire, and interposing his height and breadth between us and it, stood with arms akimbo, expanding his chest, and gazing round him as if the house and all its appurtenances and contents were his own undisputed possessions.
Thou old pope," said here Zarathustra interposing, "hast thou seen THAT with thine eyes?
If I had contemplated interposing any remonstrance of my own humble devising, I might possibly have still hesitated.
We heard the master of the house storming at the servants for being five minutes late, and the master's guest interposing, as usual, in the interests of propriety, patience, and peace.
My husband,' said Mrs Varden, interposing with emotion, 'would be a great deal better at home than going to Mrs Rudge's so often.