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In each of these examples, Weimer interprets events by capturing spontaneous natural gestures, linking them to evocative body language, and thereby expressing basic human values that all of us understand.
How else can one interpret Sharon's blind extremism if not in the settling of historical scores (particularly with his favorite scapegoat/punching bag, President Arafat) and the stubborn compulsion of arrogance that can declare an "open season" on everything Palestinian and then order the Palestinians to do Israel's bidding in abject submission?
Like versions of the African deity Legba, who interprets the workings of the cosmos to human beings, Consolata and Lone interpret and learn in intuitive, holistic, and open-ended ways, ways that provide a deeper understanding than do Patricia's charts and notes, and ways that jibe with the implications of Morrison's own rhetoric.
Essentially, however, he argues that it is at a core level of "feeling" that the fevered imagination--free from the influence of reason--acts to interpret both reality and faith authentically from self-created images.
By showing less, this picture interprets the snowplow's task for us, representing its struggle against the forces of nature.
Mary Douglas's concept of "cultural deviance" helps Massa to interpret Feeney as a "cultural deviant" rather than a "comic opera" heretic.
If we must interpret these demands to incorporate them into our lives, at least let us not do so too quickly.
Candidates must demonstrate the ability to interpret consecutively and simultaneously (chuchotage), as well as perform sight translation and written translation bi-directionally.
And if we start losing conventional and traditional definitions of common words, especially ones with a moral aspect, by what authority are we bound to understand and interpret them?
Rather, it is concerned with the question of how to interpret the bible from a feminist perspective and in an emancipatory way" (p.
Although their responses reflected knowledge of appropriate testing practices, the results suggest that these teachers could benefit from further instruction regarding (a) understanding test score reliability, (b) how to interpret standardized test scores and (c) how to use test results to improve their instruction.