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The results obtained with the analysis of PEST and PESTEL, where the characteristics that represent the factors under study are obtained, are presented in linguistic terms, so that in order to obtain a greater interpretability of them it is necessary to treat them in order to be able to quantify them.
Transforming Deep Learning to Harness the Interpretability of Shallow Models: An Interactive End-to-End System
It is important to note that three questionnaires adaptations received an intermediate rating with respect to interpretability. Neither created nor adapted measures included information about criterion validity, reproducibility, responsiveness and floor ceiling effects.
In addition to increased use of molecular detection, eliminating diagnostic tests of limited interpretability as supportive evidence from the case definition of SFR surveillance could be important for understanding trends in species-specific SFR cases in the United States.
* Interpretability and explainability: Statistical cognitive computing models generate numerical outputs informing decisions for everything from personal finance to healthcare treatment.
This kind of reflexivity of the window metaphor, which is used to address the question of the readability and interpretability of the text, is also a characteristic of Blanchot's fictional writings.
These false positive values degrade the interpretability of the data and decrease the accuracy of the results.
Therefore, this pattern has a positive impact on many data quality dimensions such as completeness, consistency, and interpretability. Another important advantage is that it not only presents information, but also historical data, since a changed business state does not result in updates to the data, but in additions of new data.
"The complexity of the study intervention limits interpretability, but assessment is warranted of whether implementing this intervention in routine settings reduces acute care readmission."
Consequently, pathologists collapsed several AJCC tumor subcategories into the Melanoma Pathology Study class V, which limited interpretability of results for T1b melanomas, an important threshold for recommending sentinel node biopsy.
To achieve this, we can imagine a pentavium composed of five general elements: (i) linguistic competence (mastering of the mother tongue and of at least one lingua franca, defined by the area of professional activity; (ii) research qualification (analytical reasoning and interpretability skills to produce knowledge); (iii) cultural sensitivity (empathy and capacity for sensitive hearing, with ethics and respect for human diversity); (iv) pedagogical competence (didactic skills necessary to share knowledge); (v) critical technological competence (deep understanding of the means of practice and their implications).
Given the complexity of the issues involved in some of the indeterminacies implied by these literary discourses, we have also relied on Charolles's principle of interpretability (1983), a notion which relates to the reader's cognitive operations designed to reestablish coherence to texts that seem to lack cohesive nexus or indulge in indeterminacies.