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The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) team (including researchers from Oregon State University and Michigan State University) is developing interpretable models that combine representational paradigms, including interpretable DNNs, compositional graphical models such as and-or graphs, and models that produce explanations at three levels (that is, compositionality, causality, and utility).
Section three presents the proposed approach that consists of a data analysis pipeline that uses PCA, scaling and classification models to obtain highly interpretable features.
On the assumption that a good representation can find the underlying causes from the samples and is interpretable, supervised or semisupervised generative models have been developed [12-17].
The smallest most interpretable MTRT model was constructed for the low infestation level (size = 23 nodes) while the largest least interpretable model was constructed for the medium infestation level (size = 35 nodes).
He was, however, by no means an art-world dropout; he exhibited regularly, mostly in regional commercial galleries but also in international group shows, among them "K18 Stofftvechsel" in Kassel in 1982, which showcased visual artists working with textiles--the title would ordinarily be translated as "metabolism" but was also a play on words, interpretable as something like "change of fabric."
Schwartz's team analyzed modeled untransformed BMI values instead of BMI z scores because the former "yields estimates that are more interpretable, precise, and sensitive to factors that alter change," they wrote.
Dicha idea, retomada por Schopenhauer, implica un mundo interpretable. Sin embargo, asi como hay artistas que no dominan su tecnica y fingen hacerlo, y artistas que no solo la dominan, sino que son capaces de ir mas alla al plantear nuevas propuestas, asi hay malos y buenos lectores de la realidad, buenos y malos interpretes.
unvalued features on the one hand, and interpretable vs.
Using reliable and valid measures of students' outcomes which are sensitive to change is critical for obtaining interpretable and therefore useful results from evaluations of school-based interventions.
Next, Collins posits three desiderata for a basic principle of combination: it should have an unbounded generative potential; it should be genuinely explanatory (i.e., it should be specifiable independently of the structures that are interpretable); and it should respect exclusivity by not looking for external explanation (105-106).
The main analysis--the specificity of Xpert MTB/RIF versus liquid culture--was only done on children who had 2 interpretable Xpert MTB/RIF and induced sputum culture results.
The tracings were of poor quality, but interpretable portions showed minimal variability and significant decelerations during contractions.