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KineMed's dynamic signatures translate directly into humans and by virtue of being functionally interpretable and much closer to phenotype than other "-omics" technologies, our measurements offer perhaps the most clinically predictive class of biomarkers yet developed, enabling greater public health benefits and better reimbursement rates for commercial providers.
The new real-time polling platform captures viewer engagement with what they're watching, while simultaneously collecting temporally fine-grained, interpretable data about their responses.
This information will be useful for calibrating satellite data, thus making the satellite data more interpretable.
Rates for targeted protein kinetics provide functionally interpretable metrics of disease activity, subtype, or therapeutic response.
Development of a searchable ontology based on RDF / SPARQL (or equivalent) means that the contents of the SAK10/VSAK10 is machine interpretable, not just a machine.
By offering Ingenuity products, ShanghaiBio Corporation supports the complete workflow from study design to bioinformatic analysis, providing its customers with high-quality data and easily interpretable results.
Thus, cohort studies must be rather large for interpretable associations with outdoor air pollution to be observed and extracted.
RetCam images provide objective, interpretable details of structural ophthalmic elements for physician review and follow-up as well as being an excellent educational tool for hospital staff and families of newborns.
Introducing Elements (TM), TALX also demonstrated its continued focus on powering business decisions with interpretable data, and claimed its place as an emerging leader in workforce analytics solutions.
NASDAQ:ILMN) today announced the launch of a Cancer Analysis Service from the Illumina Genome Network (IGN) that leverages the high accuracy of Illumina technologies to provide cancer researchers with easily interpretable tumor/normal sequencing data to quickly move their research forward.
Building on the proven Pedant-Pro Sequence Analysis Suite and years of genome analysis experience, Biomax now offers the PEDANT Cloud Service to rapidly transform complex sequencing data into more meaningful, interpretable information.