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Thus, in 1524, Johannes Bugenhagius in Librorum Psalmorum Interpretatio explains that the number 8 refers to the Resurrection because Christ rose on the eighth day (in other words, the first day of a new week), meaning 8 "signifies the time of grace" (Rostvig, Fair 59).
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is particularly successful in presenting the methodological principle of the manuductio, which Cusa draws from the neoplatonic tradition, and the hermeneutical criterion of the interpretatio pia.
We are advised, namely, that only a portion of the narrative may lend itself after all to a conventionally communicable homiletic application and consumption within the common horizon of expectations, in terms of interpretatio predestinata.
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Now every particular in the story of the labyrinth is given an interpretatio christiana.
Nevertheless, it is worth singling out Herve Inglebert's Interpretatio Christiana: Les mutations des saviors (cosmographie, geographie, ethnographie, histoire) dans l'Antiquite chretienne (30-630 apres J.
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If Iamblichus' interpretation of Monimos and Azizos had the character of an interpretatio Graeca, the role of Hermes and Ares receives a satisfactory explanation, yet the ritual relationship of these gods to Helios still requires elucidation.
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Imitatio imperii und interpretatio Germania vor der Wikingerzeit, in R.