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Thus, the methods used to interpret his works are iconographic and psychoanalytical in nature and other interpretational approaches are also systematically fused into this study.
Bassnett, 2014) As an interpretational approach, adaptive replication is primarily appropriate to settings in which reproducing lexical connotations, syntactical arrangements, and the sentence organization of the source discourse (Peters and Besley, 2016) satisfactorily construe the meaning of units of the target discourse.
On the other hand, one can only envision the additional complexity and depth of Noah had Aronofsky and Handel decided to follow this interpretational path.
Therefore, including interpretational aids on NFts may be one approach to support consumers in assimilating nutrition information on a food label, and in turn it may increase the likelihood of making accurate healthful decisions.
Third, revenue authorities are under tremendous pressure to garner revenue; so, in areas where there could be interpretational issues, tax demands are raised by them to be finally decided by the appellate forum," she says.
Those who would like to hear Dvorak's Cello Concerto as a piece par excellence, imbued with the strong personality of the soloist and reminiscing of the Czech interpretational tradition, will not be disappointed with the PentaTone CD.
Nevertheless, it is the first approach--the one which exposes the moment of interpretational failure--that is more authentic for Kierkegaard.
This means that they are likely to be of great value in the rather different interpretational contexts that we will certainly see in future scholarship.
They can afford to do that as history can be interpretational.
An interpretational qualitative data analysis was conducted following the guidelines set by Tesch (1990) and Cote et al.
The intention is to employ a project manager on a part-time basis for three years, initially to oversee the physical work but then to develop the interpretational, heritage, cultural and educational aspects," said Ann.

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