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Penchevas motion was submitted to VAS in March 2014 and one year later the court refused to issue an interpretative ruling.
Therefore, interpretation is the method that confers malleability upon the legal norm; from its incipient stage as will of the Legislator and to the moment to which the norm directly affects reality, the interpretative act accompanies it continually so as to elaborate the norm to the point of clarification, and of all things, to the point of determining "its compatibility with a factual situation" (Danisor, Dogaru & Danisor, 2006: 379).
Spenser tackles these interpretative and representational issues by constantly referring to various practices of visual art and the methods of visual interpretation.
Through the use of interpretative poems, students gain an understanding of how artists and poets see and record the world; they learn to slow down and observe artwork with more care, and they learn to seek and express meaning.
Yet it is also true that the linguistic density is also an important part of the Cappello's methodology: an interpretative strategy that rotates on a required sensitivity toward the semiotic and systematic features of literary texts.
Therefore, the IRS's interpretative regulation cannot be construed as unreasonable.
C'est sur la base des donnees recueillies dans le cadre de ces recherches ethnographiques et d'une discussion des options epistemologiques et methodologiques sous-jacentes aux approches utilisees qu'il propose une nouvelle facon d'aborder l'enseignement de la religion a l'ecole, l'approche interpretative.
The more interpretative material and other guidance we can provide the better off we are.
A plethora of competing discourse communities and interpretative paradigms grew from these attempts (Alvesson, 1987b; Bell, 1962; Bendix, 1951, 1963, 1988, 1993; Berger & Kellner, 1981; Berger & Luckmann, 1967; Burrell, 1996; Burrell & Morgan, 1979; Collins, 1994; Giddens, 1979; Mumby, 1988; Reed, 1992, 1996).
It "settled into quiet obscurity on the hard drive" until The Free Press encouraged him to publish the material as a freestanding interpretative essay.
Its contents (five interpretative studies, one manuscript analysis, two philological studies and two critical editions of individual narrative items) are not only diverse in purpose and method, but appear to be aimed at widely differing audiences.
One strong point in favor of this work lies in the interpretative framework which enables the reader to make sense of what still confronts the Middle East.

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