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(8) My focus for now is on what set of questions anyone, whatever they claim their particular theory involves, must either explicitly or implicitly address in order to have a fully functional interpretative theory.
Interpretative statement 2 focuses on "the environment and ethical obligation." This statement asserts, "Nurses in all roles must create a culture of excellence and maintain practice environments that support nurses and others in the fulfillment of their ethical obligations" (p.
Penchevas motion was submitted to VAS in March 2014 and one year later the court refused to issue an interpretative ruling.The decision to overturn Penchevas motion was not published on the website of VAS and the court provided no explanation for the failure to do so.
Mortgage Bankers Association, currently pending before the Supreme Court,addresses the question of what an agency must do before it adopts an interpretative rule that is contrary to a previous interpretative rule.
Despite the undisputable interpretative nature of text encoding, traditional digital literary scholars have prioritized structural over overtly interpretive and critical markup in an attempt to produce the most objective and reliable scholarly editions as possible.
As in a circle, *** the agents of the interpretative act integrate the process of creation and application of the norm, by giving it not a random meaning, but by appealing to "the deep knowledge of the realities in the society [and by making use of] investigations of economic, sociological, psychological, traditional, etc.
And with this interpretative agency Spenser endeavors to train his reader in how to interpret the text via the text; as James Nohrnberg puts it, "Spenser embodies in a character an 'intention' of the hero that cannot be sharply distinguished from the intention of the poet toward the ideally responsive reader" (47).
Key words: Canada; remembering; interpretative communities; narratives; learning.
In a volume dedicated to an Emory University scholar committed to clarity in teaching interpretative approaches and methodologies in biblical studies, LeMon (Old Testament, Candler School of Theology, Emory U.) and Richards (Society of Biblical Literature) introduce 30 essays of the methodological and reflection types that treat broader issues of interpretative approaches to the Hebrew Bible.
Post-analytical error refers to the ultimate check on the pre-and intra-analytical quality, including the reviewing pathologist providing interpretative comments, and the clinicians' interpretation and reaction to the results.
Caught in a de-narrativized limbo, the characters and their actions resist the normal interpretative processes that readers bring to fiction; they are presented to the reader in unmediated form, with the apparent intention that the individual elements of the book will resonate sufficiently to supply a different, non-narrative type of coherence.

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