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Second, we compare number of comments produced by all interpreters that interpreted the health and social studies texts.
It should not be over used for every single decision you need to make, it should not be used in every single situation and it should not be interpreted as the absolute truth," Sanchez says.
I make a distinction between generated and interpreted diagrams.
During the next class, we used SPSS to analyze the data, interpreted related concepts, and evaluated assumptions before interpreting statistics and making inferences.
In determining the age of minerals and rocks it is often possible to derive a precise number that can be interpreted as a date, it is another matter to accurately interpret the number in terms of the timing of a discrete geological event or process.
The gist is that the scriptures tell truthfully God's action and must be seen as a whole and interpreted within the church although in dialogue with others outside the church.
Because in recent history, courts (and various heads of the Justice Department) have reversed themselves in their interpretation of the Second Amendment, first deciding that it was an individual right and then deciding that it was a "collective" or state's right, and then back again, the Office of Legal Counsel examined the "Amendment's text, as commonly understood at the time of its adoption and interpreted in light of other provisions of the Constitution and the Amendment's historical antecedents, to discern its proper meaning.
But now concentration is turning to the reports to be issued--including the degree to which remediation of internal control weaknesses during the fourth quarter will impact those reports--and how these new reports will be understood and interpreted by investors and others in the capital markets.
The CTPSS system briefly outlined here has enormous potential for revolutionizing how low to medium contact pressure information is both captured and interpreted.
One way around that is to designate a specific gesture as a cue that tells the system that the motions to follow are to be interpreted as commands.
His archeological discovery forever revolutionized the way in which Neandertal social behavior and complexity is now interpreted.

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