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Long-term recollections of an environmental interpretive program.
Judges cannot apply a legally binding interpretive framework without first overcoming an unavoidable and often insurmountable interpretive obstacle--step zero, the initial inquiry into whether the interpretive framework applies at all.
Exposure to interpretive pedagogy introduces new nurse educators to environments where conversations among participants promote emerging possibilities in practice (Dahlberg, Ekebergh, & Ironside, 2003; Ironside, 2001).
The purpose of this Article is to provide a preliminary evaluation of these questions, and to argue that, despite the acceptance of both rights over time, their development has been adversely affected by the doubts surrounding the initial recognition of the rights, and the consequent interrelated problems of both judicial self-consciousness regarding the vulnerability of the implied fight in the face of continuing controversy and a paucity of interpretive resources which could support doctrinal developments.
The Interpretive Learning Centre will offer visitors a chance to visit a new museum, located at a former World War II concentration camp in Park County, Wyoming, US.
In this article, the new possibilities of experience design research methods are explored from both objective and interpretive views.
tax return; thus it invalidated the interpretive regulations.
Myriad uses spring to mind: I would use these preludes as one- to two-week pieces for students who are a bit past this level in repertoire, to challenge and hone their sightreading, rhythmic prowess, voicing and interpretive choices.
In Session 2, students' SDS:CE interpretive reports were returned to the students and discussed.
cuts across all different interpretive methodologies.
Bulletin Desc: The City has issued this RFP to solicit Proposals from interested, experienced, and qualified professional museum/park interpretive planning consultants to prepare an Interpretive Master Plan for the Fort Ward Park, Museum, and Historic Site.
If we extrapolate from the above hypothetical, two larger questions emerge: To what extent do judges tailor the interpretive tools they discuss in statutory opinions to counter the tools referenced by opposing opinions in those same cases?