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The Photography Interpretive Gallery will offer an opportunity for visitors to explore the development of photography in California, and how it shaped our view of the West," said Neal Benezra, the Helen and Charles Schwab Director of SFMOMA.
The interpretive panel focuses on the topic of water supply and conserving water.
Innovative interpretive techniques help to make park resources more relevant to the visitor by translating the tangible (the resource) into an intangible (what a resource means) (Brochu & Merriman, 2002; Ham, 1992; Tilden, 1977).
Judges cannot apply a legally binding interpretive framework without first overcoming an unavoidable and often insurmountable interpretive obstacle--step zero, the initial inquiry into whether the interpretive framework applies at all.
Exposure to interpretive pedagogy introduces new nurse educators to environments where conversations among participants promote emerging possibilities in practice (Dahlberg, Ekebergh, & Ironside, 2003; Ironside, 2001).
In the years following Roe and ACTV, it became apparent that the interpretive disagreement surrounding the initial implications left the implied rights peculiarly vulnerable to judicial revision in the short term and that significant modification of the initial implications had occurred over time.
Heart Mountain Wyoming Foundation, a US-based non-profit company, has announced that the opening of its Interpretive Learning Centre will take place on August 20, 2011.
In this article, the new possibilities of experience design research methods are explored from both objective and interpretive views.
The Tax Court ruled in favor of Swallows, holding that Treasury does not have the authority to impose a timely filing requirement through issuing interpretive regulations.
Four years ago, I wanted an early-advanced piece for a high school sophomore; a piece with a sophisticated jazz sound, rich interpretive options, rhythmic challenges and maybe even an optional play-along CD--The Christopher Norton Latin Preludes Collection would have been perfect.
The first goal was to use the SDS:CE version and accompanying interpretive report with high-risk middle school students.