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In much the same manner, the theological styles interpretively inclined to each of these traditionally beautiful qualities are themselves only dimensions of the unity of the theological task.
And yet, images do create a distinct narrative one that can interpretively narrow the range of meanings available in the playscript.
With the data analyzed, the process shifts toward synthesis using the following, more interpretively oriented, procedures: 6.
On every subsequent header the title becomes "Collective Enterprise," which seems interpretively different.
The "hundreds of plays in which Jews, Scots, and Irishmen appeared" have not been studied and there has been no attempt to link together interpretively the "ethnic, colonial, and provincial figures" on the Georgian stage--"from Welsh to black and West Indian to Yorkshire characters" (27).
Nevertheless, important characteristics of the situational context that accompany selected rhetorical data can be imperfectly isolated and interpretively explored.
Texts read hopefully would not be rigid or interpretively fixed; they would flower into fuller meaning by being read in varying socio-historical contexts.
Guyer's interpretively rich and philosophically acute essay would have made an especially fitting conclusion to this engaging, important collection
However, they describe these cases as representing interpretively difficult samples rather than as a new diagnostic category within the EIN terminology.
Key topics include the nature of practice, ontology of practice, communities of practice, situated learning, practice and theory, work-based learning, the discursive construction of practice, the evolving role of universities in relation to practice, teaching ethical practice, and learning how to practice interpretively.
This is the most interpretively rich chapter, showing this culture largely equalized relations that were in principle unequal and exploitative: no political reform movement could take root in such soil.
Rather than interpretively pivoting off the "fact"-level interpretation--that the line reads 678-3554--I formulate things so as to pivot interpretively off what I have called "the working interpretation"--that 678-3554 is a phone number--a level up from the factual, and there the pivot turns: "Maybe the phone number is a secret encoded message?

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