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The goal of asking such questions is to better understand how the various parts of the organization interrelate with one another and with their environment.
The second defining property of group performance is that when people act as if there are social forces, they construct their actions (contribute) while envisaging a social system of joint actions (represent), and interrelate that constructed action with the system that is envisaged (subordinate).
These separate efforts vary in the heedfulness with which they interrelate, and these variations form a pattern.
When people make efforts to interrelate, these efforts can range from heedful to heedless.
And third, comprehension can be increased if more levels of experience are connected, as when newcomers who take nothing for granted interrelate more often with old-timers who think they have seen it all.
The questions are, how do old-timers interrelate with newcomers, what strategy emerges, how soon does it emerge, and how stable is it?