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The recipient organization and the specified beneficiary are financially interrelated when their relationship has both of these characteristics:
Racism is profoundly interrelated with other evils, including the degradation of the earth.
The film charts the mostly romantic but also professional and health travails of six interrelated characters.
But that's OK with Greyson: "We did rough-cut screenings, and it was great because everyone, without exception, said it took 15, 20, or 30 minutes to figure out how the characters interrelated.
The seven bronze pieces shown at Luisa Strina were each made up of three independent yet interrelated parts; at Andre Millan, he staged a performance in which the designs from which he created the bronze pieces were related to the spontaneous dance of a serpent and a spider.
Published jointly by ISO (the International Organization for Standardization) and IEC (the Inter-national Electrotechnical Commission), the three interrelated standards are: ISO/IEC 24711 for ink, ISO/IEC 19798 for color toner, and ISO/IEC 24712 for the shared color test page suite.
Designed with a sleek glass facade, Richard Meier & Partners Architects LLP were able to create interior spaces that are open, interrelated and filled with natural light.
Charles's researches brought him to an understanding of the science of bioengineering, how it all got started and by whom, and how an intricate web of interrelated issues has entered a heated (often overheated) public debate.
This approach allows the system administrator to explicitly specify groups of files that are interrelated.
However, a Web site insurance plan supported by a tangible and interrelated security consulting, integration, and monitoring program does provide a maximum level of protection.
The cases are so interrelated, I don't see how they cannot be consolidated,'' Bamieh said outside court.
Thanks to advances in brain-imaging technology, scientists have taken the first step toward delineating the location and characteristics of a cluster of interrelated patches of brain tissue that orchestrate vision.