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H4: Interrelatedness will interact with interdependencies such that for a focal firm that is balanced dependent with regard to its partners, high relatedness increases the likelihood of the ambidextrous learning mode and low relatedness increases the likelihood of the divergence learning mode being used in an alliance portfolio.
On his part, Abdullah bin Salim al-Salmi, Executive President of CMA said that insurance in general is an activity characterized sometimes by complexity and interrelatedness of interests and this feature is clearly manifested in vehicle insurance as insurers are mostly individuals.
Yet money can do so much good if we use it in a spirit of interrelatedness, acceptance, and love.
EoACA[pounds sterling]Experience from the recent debt crisis in the Euro area has again dramatized that these vulnerabilities can be costly and widespread in our globalized world of macro-economic interrelatedness,EoACA[yen] she added.
The series, which seeks to provide new interpretive frameworks on the extensive American presence in Latin America during the twentieth century, is concerned with the construction and deconstruction of cultural and political borders as well as the interrelatedness between the global and the local.
Despite the interrelatedness of social change and organizations, there have been limited multidisciplinary research efforts to distill insights on their relationship in theory and practice, according to Golden-Biddle (organizational behavior, Boston U.
The WIOD will deepen our knowledge of the causes and effects of the increasing interrelatedness of countries and industries.
Although Johnson wants to ascribe to the uncanny a positive function, one that fosters interrelatedness and a sense of community, the evidence for this claim ultimately remains lacking.
By emphasizing the interrelatedness of technology and literacy, a "transactional" stance on computer-mediated technologies relies on the idea of literacy as a social practice, and would therefore align better with the overall values of the field of Basic Writing.
Human beings separating into exclusive species is an unlikely occurrence unless whole populations are isolated from each other, say on different planets, or centers of consciousness are transferred to nonbiological systems that bypass the interrelatedness characteristic of genetics.
All of the works use the word system in their titles, suggesting both a methodicalness in their facture and an interrelatedness among their parts.
This interrelatedness served, conversely, to guarantee a given character's representativeness of social reality, since it was only as part of an interconnected whole that a particular character could be expected to indicate anything of general validity.