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Indeed, KDD does remold some aspects of research by implementation of a wide variety of tools from an array of disciplines; it advances the interrelatedness of the effort.
Besides, such a small change is needed to free us from the theoretical difficulty of income effect and interrelatedness between a pair of commodities.
Councilmember Sharon Priest (Transportation and Communications) and Columbus, Ohio Mayor Greg Lashutka (Finance, Administration and Intergovernmental Relations) acknowledged the interrelatedness of their work and promised to continue to meet again once their committees had selected policy priorities for the coming year.
THE COMPLEXITY AND INTERRElatedness of many functions in health care have helped redefine the risk manager's role.
It is one thing to say that each species in an ecosystem plays a role (also obvious), but very dubious to conclude that "their interrelatedness is paramount to their survival.
The new paradigm, as Capra put it, stressed the essential interrelatedness and interdependence of all phenomena - physical, biological, psychological, social and cultural.
The interrelatedness of staff members at all organizational levels, the use of task forces and other work teams, and increasing contact of those at lower levels with clients and the public tend to weaken the strong links of the chain of command.
Regardless of political stance, this film is entertaining, thought provoking and definitely would spark dialogue and demonstrate in a fun way the interrelatedness of the world.
He continues: “the interrelatedness of water, energy and food has to form part of any attempt to improve water security.
In mission statements and rules for women's communities, we read statements like this: "We seek daily to approach our lives and ministries with an awareness of God's gift to us--our co-creative role and our interrelatedness to all Earth life.
Similarly, the book does not deal adequately with subjects that show the interrelatedness between F&O and Life and Work and that reflect the reality of the Majority World, such as Koinonia and Justice, Peace, and Creation: Costly Unity (1993) and The Nature and Mission of the Church (2005).
Given what we now know about the interrelatedness of early fishes, these results tell us that while sharks retained these features, bony fishes moved away from such conditions," said Finarelli, PhD, Lecturer in Vertebrate Biology at University College Dublin.